January 1, 1970

Metro Board Votes to Study Two Route Alternatives for the South Bay Green Line Extension

Metro Board Votes to Study Two Route Alternatives for the South Bay Green Line Extension

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn voted in her capacity as a Metro Director to authorize Metro to move forward in studying two alternative routes to extend the Green Line to Torrance.

“Extending the Green Line will finally give South Bay residents access to fast, easy public transportation and an alternative to the gridlock that has become so synonymous with the 405,” said Supervisor Hahn. “By moving to study these two routes, we are keeping this project on its accelerated schedule and bringing it one step closer to a reality.”


The Metro Board voted to move forward on the two staff recommended alternatives, Alternative 1 and Alternative 3. Alternative 1 would run along the Harbor Subdivision rail’s right-of-way while Alternative 3 would run down Hawthorne Boulevard. Alternative 1 is estimated to cost $893 million while Alternative 3 is estimated to cost between $1 billion and $1.2 billion. Both routes would end at the site of the Torrance Transit Center, which is already under construction.

The Green Line Extension is on an accelerated schedule and is part of Metro’s ambitious Twenty-eight by ’28 initiative—a set of 28 projects set to be completed in the next decade.

These two alternatives were selected by Metro staff following a series of community meetings to discuss the project. Supervisor Hahn requested additional meetings for the South Bay community and South Bay cities leadership.

“I know that there are some local residents who are worried about the impact this project could have on their neighborhoods,” said Supervisor Hahn. “I understand and share their concerns and Metro must make every effort to mitigate any potential impact this project could have on residents.”

The Metro Board of Directors voted unanimously to move forward to study the two alternatives.

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