May 23, 2024

Hahn to Hold Pride Flag Raising Ceremony in Downey

Event organized after Downey Council vote to ban Pride Flag on city property

Downey, CA—Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn has announced that she will hold a Pride Flag Raising Ceremony at the LA County Office of Education in Downey, weeks after the Downey City Council narrowly voted to stop flying the Pride Flag on city property.

“There will be pride in Downey this June,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “Despite the recent vote by the Downey City Council, I want our LGBTQ+ Downey residents to know they belong and that they are not only accepted but celebrated.”

The Pride Flag Raising Ceremony will take place June 3rd at 10 am at the Los Angeles County Office of Education located in Downey. The office is one of eight Los Angeles County properties in Downey that will fly the Pride Flag for Pride Month, following a policy authored by Hahn and Supervisor Lindsey Horvath passed by the Board last year to fly the Progress Pride Flag at county facilities every June.

“We may have lost this battle, but we will win the war for fairness, equality and acceptance for ALL,” said Downey Mayor Mario Trujillo, who voted against the flag ban and serves on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Elected Officials Association. “This vote was a setback, but I appreciate Supervisor Hahn for her support of the LGBTQ+ community and for making sure the Pride flag will rise in Downey in 2024.”

“The Pride Flag is a powerful symbol of our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. It signals to our entire community that we value and celebrate the rich diversity of identities and experiences that make us who we are,” said Dr. Debra Duardo, Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools. “This flag represents our dedication to creating a safe and affirming environment where every student feels a sense of belonging and well-being. By fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity, we ensure that our schools are places where all individuals can thrive and be their authentic selves.”

Members of the public are invited to join the event to take part in the pride flag raising in a celebration of equality. Speakers will include Supervisor Hahn, Downey Mayor Mario Trujillo, Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang, LA County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Debra Duardo, and Equality California President Juan Camacho, with entertainer Jewels serving as Mistress of Ceremonies.
Last June, Hahn hosted a ceremony to raise the Progress Pride Flag at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, celebrating the first time the Pride Flag was flown over a Los Angeles County building.

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