December 14, 2023

Update: RVs on Santa Fe Ave in Walnut Park

This morning, we brought LA County’s Pathway Home initiative to Walnut Park. My staff was on the ground as County teams arrived and offered services and safe housing to every resident of the RV encampment on Santa Fe Ave between Broadway and Independence Ave, just north of South Gate.

I heard the concerns many of you expressed in person, on the phone, and through our official Walnut Park Instagram account about this RV encampment. No one is safer or better off when people are living in dilapidated RVs. It’s not good for our kids who need safe sidewalks to get to and from school, it’s not safe for drivers or cyclists, and it’s not safe for the people living inside them. No person should be forced to live in a motorhome on the street.

They deserve safe housing, and you deserve safe streets.

The RVs have been removed, and the residents were offered hotel rooms and every service and support that the County family has to offer. Those who accepted moved into those rooms right away. The cleanup of the street is ongoing.

I’ll be sharing more details about this RV encampment resolution in the next few days. Stay tuned to this and other important information on Instagram and, if you haven’t already signed up, through my weekly Janice Journal.

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