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Hahn Honors Cesar Chavez Ally Margie Rodriguez for Women’s History Month 150 150 Hayley Munguia

Hahn Honors Cesar Chavez Ally Margie Rodriguez for Women’s History Month

Rodriguez and Hahn joined by Paul Chavez, son of the late Labor Leader

Los Angeles, CA — This morning, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn presented farmworker advocate and community leader Margie Rodriguez with a recognition for the support she provided to the farmworker labor movement led by Cesar Chavez and her continued work to champion his legacy.

“From standing shoulder to shoulder with Cesar Chavez to standing up for her community here in LA County, Margie Rodriguez has dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice,” said Hahn. “Margie has such a passion to helping those in her community and she has truly made history.”

Rodriguez lives in South Whittier and has continued to work with local school districts, state legislators and the Chavez foundation to educate students on the life and works of Cesar and the United Farm Workers Movement. She is the founder of South Whittier’s annual Cesar E Chavez Remembrance Event and Community Service Project.

“There isn’t anything that I won’t ask Hahn to do for the people of South Whittier, which are very needy people. And she’s always there for me. So I’d like to thank you, Janice, from the bottom of my heart,” said Rodriguez during the ceremony.

Hahn was joined in her presentation by Paul Chavez, son of Cesar Chavez. Paul Chavez served as president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation until retiring late last year. In introducing Rodriguez this morning, he spoke about the support she provided for his father’s work on behalf of farmworkers.

“He understood that his work didn’t happen by him doing the work alone, that it was a result of the sacrifice and hard work of many good, decent people from all walks of life whose names a lot of times are not known to the greater public. At the head of that list is Margie Rodriguez who’s been there since day one,” said Chavez.

Footage of the presentation is available here.

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