September 20, 2022

Local Real Estate Broker Serves as Hahn Appointee to Assessment Appeals Board

Downey, CA – Downey-based commercial real estate broker Gil Legaspi serves as Supervisor Janice Hahn’s appointee to the Los Angeles County Tax Assessment Appeals Board.

“The Tax Assessment Appeals Board has an important role as an impartial arbiter that settles disagreements between taxpayers and the Assessor’s Office,” said Supervisor Hahn. “As my appointee to this Board, Gil Legaspi needs to not only understand tax law, he needs to be someone that the taxpayers can trust to make a fair decision.”

Gil Legaspi is a Commercial Real Estate Broker and entrepreneur. For 22 years, Gil has represented investors in the acquisition, management, and development of commercial investment properties. In addition to his role on the Appeals Board, Legaspi also serves on the Legal Affairs Board of the Downey Association of Realtors, as an Ambassador to the Downey Chamber of Commerce, and as a member of the Downey Rotary Club.

“I am very grateful to Supervisor Janice Hahn for the appointment to the LA County Tax Assessment Appeals Board and I am looking forward to serving Los Angeles County for many years to come,” said Legaspi.
The LA County Tax Assessment Appeals Board is a 3-member panel created by the Board of Supervisors to hear and settle property tax assessment disputes between taxpayers and the County Assessor’s Office. Acting in a quasi-judicial capacity, the Board is charged with making impartial decisions to settle these disputes as well as equalize the County’s property tax roll.

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