November 28, 2023

Hahn Wraps Year-Long Effort to Strengthen Gun Violence Prevention Policies

“We need Congress to step up and take action on gun violence, but we can’t sit around and wait for that,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “This year, we took every step within our power to strengthen our gun violence prevention policies in LA County. We banned the sale of armor piercing bullets. We put in place commonsense safety requirements for gun dealers because we don’t want guns falling into the wrong hands. Along with new efforts to encourage people to use red flag laws and gun buyback events in communities across my district, I am confident that we are saving lives.”

New Zoning Requirements for Gun Dealers
Today, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve an ordinance implementing new zoning requirements for gun and ammunition dealers in unincorporated Los Angeles County communities. The new ordinance will require dealers to obtain a conditional use permit from Department of Regional Planning. Before now, there was no specific category for gun and ammunition dealers. The ordinance will also require that all new gun and ammunition stores operate at least 1,000 feet away from each other and from areas that children gather like schools, parks, libraries, and daycares. This ordinance will come back to the board for a second hearing on December 19th and, if approved, will go into effect 30 days later.

Ban Sale of .50 Caliber Firearms
In February, under the leadership of Supervisor Hahn, the Board established an ordinance prohibiting the sale of .50 caliber firearms and ammunition in the unincorporated areas of the County. These are the large bullets that inflict a massive amount of damage on the human body and can pierce body armor.

Prohibit Carrying Firearms on County Property
In February, under the leadership of Supervisor Hahn, the Board Establishes ordinance to prohibit the possession of firearms on County property, such as parks, beaches, and County buildings, with certain exceptions or law enforcement and active military.

Commonsense Oversight and Safety Requirements for Gun Dealers
Last month, the Board approved an ordinance putting in place commonsense oversight and safety requirements for gun and ammunition dealers in unincorporated Los Angeles County. The ordinance, which is enforced by the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector, does the following:

  • Requires that ammunition dealers get a business license and comply with requirements applicable to gun dealers. Previously, ammunition-only dealers were not required to have a specific business license.
  • Prohibits minors in stores that sell guns and ammunition unless accompanied by an adult. Mixed-use stores will be required to have sight separation.
  • Requires that stores maintain an annual sales report, keep a fingerprint log of purchasers of guns and ammunition, maintain a weekly inventory report, have security cameras in place, and have signs displayed in stores that warn customers about the risks associated with access to guns.
  • Requires suspended and revoked licensee names to be publicly posted by the Treasurer and Tax Collector.
  • Amends the fee chart and increases the annual license fee for both initial applications and license renewals.

Expanding Access to Gun Violence Restraining Orders
As part of a comprehensive approach to preventing gun violence, the County has launched a new effort to raise awareness and use of gun violence restraining orders (GVROs). GVROs, which can be filed by law enforcement or members of the public when they believe a person is a danger to themselves or others and must be approved by a judge, can prevent a person from purchasing a gun, ammunition, or magazine for a specified length of time, between 21 days and five years. Despite their life-saving potential, they are severely underutilized in Los Angeles County.

To improve public information and awareness of Gun Violence Restraining Orders, Supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis directed the LA County Office of Violence Prevention to launch a public awareness campaign. As part of that effort, the office has created a new webpage can be found at It includes information about what GVROs are, who can file for them, videos about how to file GVROs in both English and Spanish, a list of legal aid organizations that can assist, and data about gun violence restraining order filings in LA County. The webpage also includes information about possible warning signs for both suicide and potential mass violence.

Moving Forward: Gun Buybacks Across Hahn’s District
Supervisor Hahn is partnering with law enforcement agencies to hold gun buyback events across her district where residents have an opportunity to turn in unwanted firearms in exchange for gift cards, no questions asked. She has held seven gun buybacks since last year, collecting over 1,200 guns including assault rifles, ghost guns, and 3D printed guns. Hahn will hold an eighth event December 16th at Pico Rivera City Hall.


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