Downtown Office

(Flagship Office)

500 W. Temple Street, Room 822
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 974-4444


Our field offices are below. Hover over them to see which cities and unincorporated areas they serve. Our office hours at all of our offices are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Harbor Area

302 West 5th St. #200
San Pedro, CA
(310) 519-6021


12720 S. Norwalk Blvd #704
Norwalk, CA
Phone: (562) 807-7350

Hacienda Heights 

1545 S. Stimson Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA
Phone: (626) 330-7072



Long Beach

1401 E. Willow St.
Signal Hill, CA
(562) 256-1920



11911 Artesia Blvd Suite #504A
Cerritos, CA
Phone: (562) 345-4004

South Bay

825 Maple Ave Suite 105
Torrance, CA
Phone: (310) 222-3015

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  • Britt Morrissey
    commented 2021-03-09 20:37:20 -0800
    I am extremely disappointed to hear that you are going against the most basic public health recommendations and are trying to push for indoor dining at restaurants. Teens still can’t attend school and there is no vaccine for teens and even those with underlying conditions are still ineligible for the vaccine. How can indoor dining start before at least every adult can be vaccinated? Shame on you for not protecting your constituents public health. I hope you are pushing for kids to return to school for at least outdoor learning. Our kids need an education and ned an wnd to their isolation.
  • Charlene Wu
    commented 2021-03-06 18:42:26 -0800
    Please take a look at what people said about City Of Industry Post Office. It already have more than 70 comments at this discussion.
  • D.w. Payton
    commented 2021-03-06 16:34:17 -0800
    Why is it that you are so awful in representing your constituents in the city of Norwalk? The county has basically taken over three motels for the housing of the “homeless” despite the protestations of the city government and residents. These claims by the county of the city amount to several hundreds of beds and rooms. Does any other city in your district have to suffer what is, in fact, an invitation to the “homeless” for paid beds as Norwalk has by county mandate?. And despite the county mandate one can hardly walk down a major street without stumbling over, or being accosted by the “homeless” on the street who have no intention of living in county mandated facilities. And why, as a taxpayer, am I expected to pay for the bad life decisions of others who have no intention of straightening up? If I don’t pay my taxes I am either fined or am imprisoned even if I don’t bother any other person, but a “homeless” person is free, even encouraged, to live outside the law by violating private property, public drug use and drunkenness, public fornication, panhandling, and anti-social behavior. Feeding bad behavior will not cure bad behavior, and rewarding bad behavior will not cure bad behavior. The insistence by the county that the “homeless” be housed by county confiscated motel and hotel rooms will not solve any problem. It will encourage the problem and make the county much more like the poor areas of Victorian London than the working class areas of modern Los Angeles county.
  • Charlene Wu
    commented 2021-03-05 15:05:41 -0800
    I will be very appreciated that if you can help us to improve the Post Office service. You even can see there are so many people complaint about City of Industry Post Office at Facebook group “Hacienda Heights Watch and Event.” The discussion only 1 day and already had 62 comments.
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    Please send a Birthday Greeting to my 90 year old mother Birthday is March 31st her name: Ruth Taylor 377 west 10 th St San Pedro, California 90731 this would be appreciated Thank you 😊
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