We’re happy to support organizations within the Fourth District that are providing excellent services to our residents.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure all requests for the purchase of turkeys that shall be donated to the community during the holiday season. Turkey requests must be submitted to us no later than 5pm on following dates for processing:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday – Period closed on Wednesday, October 5
  • December Holiday Season – by Wednesday, November 2


  1. Ideally, the agency seeking funding is physically located within the Fourth District. All funding requests must serve the Fourth District residents.
  2. The grants are specifically, for the purchase of turkeys or food; and cannot be used for political campaigns, religious or purely private purposes or activities.
  3. If the agency has received any of these grants in the past, the agency must be current on final reports. We will not approve a new request until all final reports are reconciled.
  4. The agency agrees to follow the terms of the contract, which includes using the grant money for the designated purpose and agrees to submit a final report by the end of the contract period.
  5. Funding in a particular calendar year does not guarantee funding in future years.
  6. CLICK HERE to review Board Policy. 4.090 (Social Programs)


Please submit all applications for funding using the online application. Supportive documentation will be uploaded at the time of the application. Please have the following ready at the time of application:

  1. A formal letter, addressed to Supervisor Hahn, outlining the request for funding. The letter must include the requested amount, description of how funds will be used, the number of people it will serve, and a description of the agency’s community engagement.
  2. Agency mission statement.
  3. County Vendor ID number. In order to receive a payment, you must be registered as a County vendor. If your organization is already registered, please ensure your vendor registration profile has your current information. Click here to register and/or update your vendor information. If you have any questions, contact the ISD Vendor Relations Unit at (323) 267-2725 from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m Monday through Thursday or send them an email at

Apply Today! We look forward to partnering with you to serve our Fourth District communities this Holiday Season. Applications for the Holiday Turkey Grants are accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Us: For questions, please contact Nancy Herrera or Alysia Herrera at (213) 974-4444 or email them at and

Do you live in the 4th District?

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