Supervisor Janice Hahn Statement on House Passage of Health Care Act

“If this bill were to become law, families would see premiums skyrocket and their benefits cut.  Tens of millions of Americans would lose coverage entirely, including potentially millions of families here in LA County. 

This bill represents little more than a rushed and ill-conceived attempt to score a short-term political victory. By nearly every measurement this bill would hurt–not help—American’s access to healthcare. I urge Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to stand firm against this bill and protect the progress we have made under the Affordable Care Act. This bill is bad for America and bad for LA County.”

Among the provisions in the American Health Care Act is a massive $880 billion cut to Medicaid which would directly impact millions of Medi-Cal recipients living in LA County.

Obamacare and LA County Facts:

Under Obamacare, 3.7 million people have gained coverage in California from the ACA Medi-Cal expansion. About 1.2 million of those people covered live in LA County. About 1.2 million people are currently receiving subsidized coverage through Covered California and 323,000 of those receiving subsidized coverage live in LA County.  As of January 2017, nearly 1.1 million children under age 19 in LA County are Medi-Cal beneficiaries. There are about 4 million total Medi-Cal beneficiaries in LA County, out of nearly 14 million total in California.