Supervisor Hahn Releases Statement on Elevated Chromium 6 Levels in North Long Beach

Los Angeles, CA—Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement after the SCAQMD decision to take action against a North Long Beach metal processing plant, Lubeco, which has been identified as a source of dangerous hexavalent chromium emissions:

“I appreciate the SCAQMD’s decision to take action against Lubeco, the latest plant to be identified as a source of hexavalent chromium emissions. 

The most recent testing results in the area prove that this issue is widespread and that there are likely other metal plants emitting dangerous levels of this toxin.

I am asking that the SCAQMD be proactive in expanding and intensifying their testing to identify any and all sources of elevated hexavalent chromium in both Paramount and North Long Beach. This cannot be treated as business as usual. These plants need to be shut down immediately until this health threat is under control.”