Supervisor Hahn Fights for South Bay Metro Access

Los Angeles, CA—Today, LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn sent Metro staff back to the drawing board after they presented a plan that would have cut off South Bay riders on the Green Line from the rest of the line.

At today’s Metro Board of Directors meeting, Metro staff presented a report on two options for linking the Green Line with the new Crenshaw Line at a new station near LAX to be named the Century/Aviation. The first would link the Crenshaw Line to the western section of the Green Line and provide a “one-seat-ride” to riders from the South Bay onto the Crenshaw Line. The second would link the Crenshaw Line with the eastern section of the Green Line and instead gives riders from the Norwalk area a “one-seat-ride” to the Crenshaw Line.  Metro staff recommended moving forward with the second option as the “preferred alternative”, thereby cutting off Green Line riders coming from the South Bay at the Century/Aviation station and forcing them to transfer.

“The way that the Green Line links to the Crenshaw line has major implications for the riders of the Green Line coming from both the South Bay and the Norwalk ends of the line and I was not pleased to see this plan presented to the Board as essentially an administrative decision,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn, who represents both Norwalk and the South Bay. “We want to build a project that is actually going to be used and forcing South Bay riders to transfer at the LAX station means adding hassle and time to their commutes and making it much less likely they will use this line.”

Supervisor Hahn expressed her concerns that this option put South Bay riders at a major disadvantage and proposed another route.  The current lines have the infrastructure to eliminate the challenges of transferring completely by alternating train routes on the same platform. By using a switch arrangement, one train coming east from the South Bay could continue to the Crenshaw Line and the next train coming west from Norwalk could do the same.   Supervisor Hahn instructed staff to come back to the Board with another report including this switch arrangement alternative as an option.

“Neither of the two alternatives presented today are ideal,” said Supervisor Hahn. “But I see a third option that could provide an easy, one-seat-ride to riders from both ends of the Green Line. This alternative might pose challenges, but before we make a final decision we need to be presented with all of the possible options.”

Supervisor Hahn also discussed her frustration that the report did not take into account the increase in ridership projected once the Green Line is extended to Torrance, a project set to be completed before 2028.

Supervisor Hahn offered a motion to the full board to address these issues. Her motion passed unanimously with the support of the full board. You may read her motion below:


Motion 40.1:




Direct Metro staff to report back on the following:

  1. To expand the ridership and travel pattern study to include the ridership versus the boarding numbers from Norwalk as well as the ridership projected from the Green Line extension to Torrance.
  2. To add a third scenario to the service plan that gives both ends of the Green Line a one-seat ride to the Expo Line.
  3. To clearly explain all the pros and cons of each scenario and to have a robust public engagement with the local cities, the COG, and the community, in order to give the opportunity for the public to know the good and bad of each option.
  4. To return to the board in September with the recommended plan for Board approval.