Supervisor Hahn Announces Innovative County Internship on the Cal State Long Beach Campus

Long Beach, CA- This week, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn announced the launch of an innovative internship program administered by the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs on the campus of California State University, Long Beach.

“I’m thrilled that this newly formed partnership between Cal State Long Beach and the County will provide local students with valuable work experience empowering LA County residents, supporting small business owners, and protecting consumers,” said LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn.

The LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs’ mission is to create a fair and vibrant marketplace for consumers and businesses. The department offers residents mediation services, a one-stop small business concierge, free assistance in tax preparation in addition to updating consumers on the latest scams, enforcing minimum wage in Unincorporated LA County, and much more.

In order to better serve residents while providing the next generation of public servants with real-world working experience, the LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is partnering with CSULB to establish an on-campus DCBA Consumer Counseling Hotline which will be staffed by CSULB student interns studying in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“We are excited to begin this initiative with Cal State University, Long Beach,” said Brian J. Stiger, Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. “Through this program, students will gain hands-on experience and truly make a difference in educating and empowering consumers across Los Angeles County.”

CSULB’s nationally recognized Department of Family and Consumer Sciences program instructs students to “value their roles as family and consumer sciences professionals in the formation of public policy/civic engagement in their ability to critique, develop, implement, and assess policies that support the well-being of individuals, families, consumers, and communities.” The on-the-job training and real-world job experience coupled with the CSULB’s academic rigor will provide students with the knowledge to thrive in the current workforce, regardless of whether or not they chose to begin their careers at LA County.

Students majoring in Consumer Affairs who are interested in participating in the internship in the future should register using the code CAFF 492C as interviews are already underway for the upcoming Spring Semester and applications are no long being accepted.