Team Hahn is currently working from home to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

We are still fully accessible to our constituents during this difficult time.

Please contact us via this website or call us at 213-974-4444 if you need us. Stay informed on the latest on COVID-19 and other important community updates by signing up for my weekly Janice Journal.

Thank you,

- Supervisor Janice Hahn


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  • Rocio Perez
    commented 2020-04-14 12:05:47 -0700
    We are a family of 4 and I need to know what we need for the rent helper . I am not working for now because of the Covid 19 just my husband is working but just for A half time (20 hours) Thank you.
  • t crowell
    commented 2020-04-11 13:00:44 -0700
    Nice job, Lilith Haas! Now, if only Janice Hahn would read these posts.
  • Lilith Haas
    commented 2020-04-11 12:45:17 -0700
    The announcement that we are supposed to live like this until May is unacceptable and worse than any virus. This lockdown is practically a coup against our citizens. We lived through AIDS and many more virus pandemics like the flu every year without quarantining healthy people. Sweden is not falling for this madness. The death rate, even inflated, is not much more than the flu. I will not be voting Democrat again. Investigate the WHO & CDC. Fear-mongering should be a crime. A healthy immune system is what stops disease not stressing people out by imposing an illegal police state and having globalists like Bill Gates say we are all going to need a microchipped ID to go back to normal. It’s the end of American freedom and you need to step up and push back.
  • cris necesario
    commented 2020-04-10 13:22:29 -0700
    Is there any way LA County will lower Property Tax or at least postpone payment due to Covid19?
  • dan chamberlain
    commented 2020-04-10 10:11:11 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn, Please do not send blank checks to tenants to pay their rent, the landlords will never see them. While we have many honest renters the temptation to keep the money and spend it on beer and big screen tvs is too great. Please make sure the checks are made out to confirmed landlords with real property. Even if this is a slow cumbersome system landlords will be thankful that help is on the way. Also please unfreeze the eviction process for those landlords who filed such action before March 2020. My tenants have not paid since December and I cannot live on my teachers pension. I was a teacher for 35 years with LAUSD and I still have taxes,mortgage,and repairs to make and so do other landlords trying to make ends meet. Thank You , Sincerely, Dan Chamberlain
  • Patty Waldeck
    commented 2020-04-07 15:51:42 -0700
    Are you aware that H. Claude Hudson CHC continues to require that subpoenas for records be served in person and copied or picked up in person? They are an anomaly in the California healthcare system and they should be leading the way. Department of Health LA County, Kaiser, Sutter, Providence, etc. all want to be served by mail and they will mail, fax, email records. Who is in charge of telling this facility that we are supposed to be in a lockdown to protect ourselves and others?

    By the way, the letters all say they come from Health Services Los Angeles County . Ironic!
  • Laura Casillas
    commented 2020-04-06 14:31:07 -0700
    Dear Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors,

    I help house Los Angeles County residents. I have been working with my residents that are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have instituted payment plans, deferred rent, highlighted resources and halted rent increases. I want to help my residents.

    The recent proposal for an eviction moratorium does not take into account the financial obligations I currently face. A 12 month payback period on deferred rent is unreasonable, and inconsistent with the rest of the state. It is appropriate to request documentation be provided that demonstrates loss of income is directly related to the Covid-19 outbreak and should only apply to non-payment of rent. Direct financial assistance to those in need must be released immediately and you must advocate for broad property tax and mortgage relief. These emergency measures must be reviewed every 30 days. You must work with housing providers to ensure you do not amplify this economic catastrophe.

    Any action must consider that when rent goes unpaid or financial flexibility is removed, there’s a domino effect. Without sustained and reliable rent payments, owners and operators, especially mom and pops, may be unable to pay their mortgages and other bills related to operations. When those bills face jeopardy, more workers are out of jobs and the economic catastrophe that is unfolding is exacerbated. For many operators, this is their sole source of income for medical bills and retirement.

    I respectfully ask you to re-consider the 12 month repayment of deferred rent for tenants who were impacted by COVID-19. Documentation must be presented to demonstrate the financial hardship and should be tailored to non payment of rent. Please consider the dire effects this will have for housing providers, their own financial obligations and the livelihoods that depend on these properties

    Housing providers have a pivotal role to play in this crisis. Please do not amplify this unfolding economic crisis.
  • Renee Dessy
    commented 2020-04-06 13:17:54 -0700
    Dear Supervisor,
    I have been reading updates, and am seeing that you are still only using tests on people who meet the criteria that are listed. I have concerns that there are people who do not meet that criteria, who actually do have Covid-19, cannot get a test, and therefore are not being counted. To stop the spread, don’t we need to get the data on all that are infected, and not just the cases over 65? I am over 65, and have been self isolating for over a month, I am not worried about me. To recognize the full extend and impact of covid 19 we need to test anyone who has symptoms. Is this going to be addressed soon?
  • Roni Love
    commented 2020-04-05 10:24:20 -0700
    Dear Ms. Hahn ~ I’m requesting that you assist the Cities of Cerritos, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens & those who live in this region by establishing Cerritos Regional Park as a COVID-19 mobile testing site. It is a perfect location to serve this region as it is easily accessible & an area of significant population. I’d appreciate hearing from you and thank you!
  • Tracey Germaine
    commented 2020-04-02 17:56:55 -0700
    Dear Ms. Janice Hahn,
    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there are a few non-essential businesses still OPEN during this pandemic. South Coast Botanic Garden and the LA Arboretum are open AND accepting memberships and are now reaching out on various social media outlets for donations. Didn’t the Governor of CA and Mayor of LA close all hiking trails? Both of which have plenty of! They are not supporting or encouraging the Safer At Home ordinance and are only out for their own profit gain. I request that these establishments (which are both LA County properties) be SHUT DOWN asap!! Thank you!!
  • Mary M
    commented 2020-04-02 16:35:09 -0700
    Hi Ms. Janice Hahn,

    I am happy Redondo Beach has implemented Covid testing but I am a resident of Torrance and I live directly across the street, on the east side of the Galleria. We have been big supporters of the Galleria development and everything happening there, but today’s news of the Covid testing is a concern for myself, my family, my kids.

    I know there is no real conclusive evidence of the airborne possibilities of Covid 19, as of yet, but we have taken all precautions to keep our family safe—washing hands, wiping everything down, gloves when grocery shopping, etc.

    With this new testing site, I am concerned of the constant exposure to this virus and wondering how you will be safe guarding the location to keep any airborne microbes from traveling…especially seeing we are downwind.

    Please, please for our sake, for my kids please take every precaution to safeguard our neighborhoods.

    Thank you for your time
  • Jennifer Bradley
    commented 2020-03-31 23:26:37 -0700
    Very happy you are working with restaurants to work as local grocery stores. However, while watching ch 7 news tonight, they showed a place where none of the employees were wearing a mask or gloves when interacting with customers. Please make that a mandatory requirement for continuing to do business, otherwise it will just be another way to spread the covid virus. Thank you for taking the time to here me out.
  • Glenn Dicus
    commented 2020-03-31 21:06:44 -0700
    Of course you closed.

    With gunfire going off around us in Harbor City, the police just keep on driving by. And you decided from somewhere safe, to fire the guy who went against your political stance on guns during a time of crisis?

    I will make it my life mission to expose you and your friends for the self serving ivory tower politicians that you all are.

    I will make sure people wont forget this.
  • t crowell
    commented 2020-03-31 16:56:18 -0700
    John and others, if you do not like closures etc, complain to many different officials, including Health Dept - B Ferrer and M. Davis which are APPOINTED positions, Mayors, council members, governor, etc. Also, please note and remember that J. Hahn has NOT responded to our posts. :(
  • t crowell
    commented 2020-03-31 16:55:33 -0700
    John and others, if you do not like closures etc, complain to many different officials, including Health Dept - B Ferrer and M. Davis which are APPOINTED positions, Mayors, council members, governor, etc. Also, please note and remember that J. Hahn has NOT responded to our posts. :(
  • John Rogers
    commented 2020-03-31 08:26:01 -0700
    The county health department is shutting down restaurants that are operating as groceries during this emergency. This is outrageous! We need these small neighborhood places to buy needed supplies, as the big stores are crowded and usually out of what we need. Please put a stop to these closures!

    We will all remember how the Board handled this crisis at election time. Do the right thing!
  • Dino Smith
    commented 2020-03-28 10:37:26 -0700
    This is a worthless gesture that will have zero impact on spread of the virus. It is a PR move by Hahn in an election year. I suggest we all start calling it the Hahn Beach Shutdown and hopefully the only thing shut down long term will be her political career.
  • ta crowell
    commented 2020-03-27 20:52:18 -0700
    Supervisor Hahn:

    I was down at the beach walking along the hard sand just this past Tuesday from approximately 4:45PM to 6:15PM and it was not at all overcrowded! People were at a minimum, 30 feet apart, a few were even in the water! It was a great day.

    The closure of L.A. County Beaches is, at best, a case of “The Sky is Falling”, or at worst a bureaucrat power grab. OPEN THE BEACHES IMMEDIATELY! I mean IMMEDIATELY. You are asking for civil disobedience if not outright insurrection! People will not stand for this. This closure is absolutely insane!

    T. Crowell
  • Barbara Grajeda
    commented 2020-03-27 17:07:20 -0700
    please close the County Regional Park – Schubarem Park in Rowland Heights! There are sooo many people in the park ! cars waiting in long lines to get in! please close the park for health and safety reasons!!!!
  • Julie Dominguez
    commented 2020-03-27 15:38:46 -0700
    I’ve called 211 I’ve called every resource or helpline or church don’t let Charities adjust charity to find out if I can find that voucher for myself I am asked to leave by tomorrow what would I do where will I go there has to be vouchers out there hotel vouchers
  • Julie Dominguez
    commented 2020-03-27 15:35:21 -0700
    Is there help for us who need vouchers for the motel we are currently living at us that are homeless
  • Julie Dominguez
    commented 2020-03-27 15:35:16 -0700
    Is there help for us who need vouchers for the motel we are currently living at us that are homeless
  • John Freutel
    commented 2020-03-27 13:48:52 -0700
    Your decision to close beaches is misinformed. I understand breaking up large groups, but the beach is the only place many of us can get outdoors and maintain social distancing. You are making your over-reactionary decisions out of fear. That is not an effective way to govern.
  • Jeff Melodia
    commented 2020-03-24 10:15:52 -0700
    Please help. Our residents are scared and are overrun by people heading to redondo beach ignoring any safety protocols. The city is refusing to limit parking at the beach as others have and refuse to take any proactive measures as many people walk inches past each other helping to spread the virus. Can you please help.
  • Luana Acuna
    commented 2020-03-24 09:17:43 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn, I’m trying to assist my 79 year old father law with locating meals for seniors. The La Puente Senior Center ran out of meals 30 minutes after the city posted the meal info. I’ve been trying to reach the Steinmetz Senior Center for information on their meal program but the phone number listed on the County website is a cell phone number that doesn’t appear to be working. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Take care.
  • James Lehmann
    commented 2020-03-23 16:05:39 -0700
    I live in downtown Long Beach and have tickets for Shen-Yun at the Terrace Theatre on May 1. That’s not very far off and this virus isn’t going anywhere fast. WIth non-necessary businesses being closed, social distancing, etc… it seems absurd to allow these productions to continue. In order to get Ticketmaster to allow refunds, you or Mayor Garcia need to issue a decree against large gatherings such as this. I have written to you several times, as well as my district Councilwoman Zendegas and have yet to hear back. Only the Mayor’s office sent me a brief note.
  • Eric Ratliff
    commented 2020-03-23 13:11:04 -0700
    Hi Supervisor Hahn,
    Please don’t close beaches or trails. These are open air venues where people are far apart. OBVIOUSLY not a risk. Also, keeps people from going stir crazy.
    Eric Ratliff
  • Jared Flippen
    commented 2020-03-22 14:02:03 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn,

    Thank you for all of your work during this difficult time. I truly appreciate it.

    I am writing to urge you to fight for emergency rental assistance and additional funds for homeless shelters. Although California has an eviction moratorium, landlords still expect the rent to be paid even if they cannot evict. Once the moratoriums are lifted, there will be a flood in evictions from landlords who weren’t paid because their tenants weren’t able to work. Eviction moratoriums mean little if they are not backed by rental assistance.

    Additionally, please fight for more funds for our homeless shelters. They are overcrowded, understaffed, and without enough resources. Many have reported not having enough masks, gloves, and sanitizer. As we tell people to stay home, we need to make sure the homeless also have a safe place to stay. Considering how homelessness disproportionately effects the elderly and the disabled, this population is at a unique risk for COVID-19. Without additional funds, people could die that would otherwise survive. Please fight for more funds for homeless shelters!

  • Frank Campagna
    commented 2020-03-21 20:28:05 -0700
    I’m on a 5-year plan to save a handicapped 69-year-old’s condo from tax sale. I called the Tax Collector on Friday to get a status on payment due and had a lengthy talk with a computer phone tree who told me I was in s waiting line to speak with a rep, then cut me off. Three more attempts, then drove all the way to the Tax Office to see a sign Closed since 3/16. No mention on phone calls. Worried how to pay due amount on 4/10 to preserve 5-year tax plan, what are the options ?
  • Julio Fontoura
    commented 2020-03-20 16:20:19 -0700
    Is the County Health Department really not going to provide Covid 19 test for people who have symptoms as stated in today’s Los Angeles Times. This is ridiculous. This person could unknowingly transmit the virus to thousands. This is the most moronic thing I have heard yet. Now, if they don’t have enough tests, that’s a different story, but if they have, them they should administer them. This is what South Korea did and that’s how they slowed down the virus.