Board of Supervisors Makes More Funding Available for Crisis Housing for Homeless Families

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl offered a commonsense motion to increase the funding available for crisis housing for homeless families in LA County.

Right now, LA County uses CalWorks funds provided by the State of California for housing services for homeless families. Until now, that funding has been divided between funding for crisis housing (short-term housing for families usually in hotel rooms), and permanent housing. While both of these forms of housing support are important, the funding for crisis housing has run out more quickly than the funding for permanent housing—primarily because of difficulty securing permanent housing due to LA County’s low vacancy rate. This has meant that while crisis housing has run out of funding, millions of dollars in “permanent housing funds” have gone untouched.


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Cabrillo Aquarium Receives Much Needed Support from Board of Supervisors

Los Angeles, CA — This week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $7,500 grant for the Cabrillo Aquarium to help fund the Young Scientists Program. The funding was made available through the Los Angeles Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The Young Scientists Program is an award-winning year-long program which teaches middle school, high school, and college-aged students the fundamentals of marine biology while training them to raise species in captivity. Later, participants design and execute their own scientific experiments which research ways to help an animal thrive in the wild. By the end of the year, participants lead tours to school groups and present the findings of their experiments at a symposium.

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At Supervisor Hahn’s Urging, Board Throws Support behind Torrance Refinery Reforms

Los Angeles, CA — Today, the Board of Supervisors passed a motion offered by Supervisor Janice Hahn to support the Torrance Refinery Safety Plan – a legislative package under consideration in the California legislature sponsored by State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi. The Board threw its support behind four bills in the package that aim to increase safety at refineries across California and voted to send a five-signature letter to the SCAQMD supporting a proposed rule to ban the use of highly toxic modified hydrofluoric acid.

“Modified hydrofluoric acid is incredibly dangerous to the local community,” said Supervisor Hahn. “The refinery workers are skilled and careful—but accidents happen. The bottom line is that up until now, we have gotten lucky that there has not been a more serious, deadly incident.”


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Hahn Honors High School Girls Wrestling Champs Who Received Less Recognition than Boys

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn honored local female high school wrestlers for winning the Suburban League Championships. Despite their victories, these female athletes were told they would not receive medals or a podium ceremony like the boys Suburban League Champions did. Supervisor Hahn learned about this injustice when the female athletes told their story to the Downey Patriot earlier this month and decided to present them with a special recognition from the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.


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Supervisor Hahn Leads Effort to Expand and Enhance Shelter System in LA County Amid Homeless Crisis

Los Angeles, CA — Today, the Board of Supervisors passed a motion offered by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis to study options to expand and enhance Los Angeles County’s current emergency shelter system and make them 24/7 year-round facilities.

Currently, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) operates emergency shelters through the Winter Shelter Program from December to March. Through this program, 1400 beds are available on any given night during the winter months. These winter shelters have restricted hours of operation and participants leave the facilities at 7 am and return to the shelter later in the afternoon.

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Supervisor Hahn Seeks Program to Better Recover Individuals with Alzheimer’s and Autism Who Wander

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn launched the “Bringing Our Loved Ones Home Task Force,” to explore options for establishing a Countywide program aimed at expediting the recovery time of individuals who often wander from their families and caregivers such as individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or autism.

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Supervisor Hahn and Supervisor Barger Seek Review of Probation Policies in Wake of Shooting of Whittier Police Officer

Los Angeles, CA — In the wake of a shooting that left Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer dead and another officer injured, Supervisor Janice Hahn and Supervisor Kathryn Barger are seeking more information as to the circumstances that led to the release of the gunman from jail, including a review of his criminal history and the policies and procedures used to identify his potential risks to public safety.

“I attended last night’s prayer vigil and it was powerful to see so many people come out to support their law enforcement community,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “But there was a lot of concern last night amongst the community members about how this tragedy happened and whether or not it could have been prevented.”

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Supervisor Hahn Champions Equal Access to Mental Healthcare for API Community

Los Angeles, CA—Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn offered a motion to improve access to a system of culturally appropriate and accessible mental health services for Asian-Pacific Islander residents of L.A. County. Her motion will build on existing partnerships with community-based organizations and provide increased outreach to the API community with the ultimate goal of connecting API residents who need treatment with highly trained clinicians who speak their language and understand their culture.

Asian-Pacific Islanders, or APIs, are the fastest-growing immigrant group in California and now make up over fifteen percent of Los Angeles County’s population. Language barriers and culturally specific stigmas surrounding mental health prevent many, however, from receiving the mental healthcare they deserve. As a result, many APIs don’t receive the care they need. In fact, API patients make up just four percent of the total patients who receive care from the Department of Mental Health.

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Supervisor Hahn to Partner with Local San Gabriel Valley Businesses in Battle against Homelessness

Los Angeles, CA — As a part of her ongoing effort to combat homelessness in Los Angeles County, Supervisor Janice Hahn is hosting a Business Summit in San Gabriel Valley where entrepreneurs, owners of local businesses, community leaders, homeless advocates and the general public will share expertise with each another, speak with policy experts, and join forces to end homelessness in Los Angeles County.

This summit stems from Hahn’s belief that partnering with business leaders is key to addressing the homelessness epidemic:

“Business owners are born problem solvers; they’re innovative, dedicated, and won’t stop until they find a solution,” said Supervisor Hahn. “That’s why it’s imperative that the County of Los Angeles taps into this incredible network and work together to end homelessness in our communities."

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Supervisors Launch County Temporary Worker Registry Pilot Program

Los Angeles, CA - Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the implementation of a 24-month Temporary Services Registry pilot project starting in April of this year. The motion, offered by Supervisor Janice Hahn and Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, aims to create an alternative for the County’s reliance on private temporary worker agencies and a pipeline for residents to become full-time permanent County employees.

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