Supervisor Hahn Announces Metro Considering Plan to Accelerate West Santa Ana Branch

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement regarding Metro’s decision to move forward with additional review of unsolicited proposals to accelerate the West Santa Ana Branch transit line project by 14-15 years:

“I campaigned on the promise that I would fight to accelerate the West Santa Ana branch project. I made it clear from my first day in office that this was my priority as a new Metro Board Member and I am happy to announce that Metro is now considering plans to move this project forward by 14-15 years. The West Santa Ana Branch project is not only important to my constituents who will have a new transportation option; it is also a vital piece of the goal of connecting the greater Los Angeles County region by a transit system worthy of the 21st century.”

Supervisors Hahn and Ridley-Thomas Fund Strategic Effort to Address Homelessness in South Bay

Los Angeles, CA — Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a program initiated by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Mark Ridley-Thomas to fund a continued partnership with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) and South Bay Cities to strategically address homelessness in the South Bay.

The partnership was first initiated in 2016 between LA County, PATH and the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. The program funds targeted outreach to homeless encampments throughout the South Bay, builds a detailed registry of people living at each encampment to help with triaging of resources, and connects homeless residents with permanent housing, mental health services, and substance abuse services. The motion passed today renews this partnership with $210,964 in new funding.

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Supervisor Hahn Secures Funding for New Los Nietos Community and Senior Center in Whittier

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn secured funding from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to move forward with plans to remodel and renovate the Los Nietos Community and Senior Center in the unincorporated area of South Whittier.

“Los Nietos Community and Senior Center is so important to local residents,” said Supervisor Hahn. “I am so glad that I can help to get Los Nietos the upgrades it needs to make the local community proud and serve as many people as possible.”

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Supervisor Hahn Participates in First Metro Board Meeting as a Director

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn took part in her first full Metro board meeting as a member of the Board of Directors. Supervisor Hahn will be a powerful voice in the implementation of major transportation policy and efforts to better connect Los Angeles County residents.

As a Los Angeles County Supervisor, Hahn has a seat on the 14 member board where she will serve on three committees: the Finance, Budget and Audit Committee, the Construction Committee, and the newly created Ad Hoc Congestion Pricing, Highway and Roads Committee.

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Supervisor Hahn Releases Statement Regarding Trump Executive Actions on Immigration

Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s executive actions on immigration:

“Today’s executive orders do nothing to fix our broken immigration system. Cutting off federal funding to cities is misguided and will do vastly more harm than good. Instead, President Trump should be focused on working with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation that will fix the problems facing communities across the country.”

After Historic Women’s March, Supervisor Hahn and Board Express their Support for Planned Parenthood.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is taking on Republicans in the nation’s capital by voting unanimously to support Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has come under increasing attack in Washington, D.C. now that anti-abortion Republicans control both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Supervisor Hahn Pushes Reform to Allow EMTs to Bring Intoxicated Patients to Sobering Centers

Los Angeles, CA — Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn pushed for commonsense reform to allow EMTs and paramedics to bring patients to mental health urgent care centers and sobering centers.

Under current California State law, law enforcement personnel are allowed to transport intoxicated patients or patients experiencing mental health episodes to sobering centers or mental health centers but bars Emergency Medical Technicians or paramedics from doing so. Instead, EMTs and paramedics are required to bring these patients to the emergency room, which is often not the best place for these patients and only contributes to overcrowding.

“The bottom line is that if people like you and I can take an individual to a sobering center or a mental health urgent care center,” said Supervisor Hahn, “why can’t a highly trained medical professional do the same?”


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Supervisor Hahn Addresses Historic Women’s March

In an impassioned speech, Supervisor Hahn stood outside City Hall and addressed the 750,000 L.A. County residents who streamed into Downtown L.A. on Saturday morning to protest President Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric on his first full day of office. She vowed to lead by example and defend the progressive values and civil rights of all L.A. County residents at every single turn:


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Supervisor Hahn Urges Community to be on Lookout for Missing Woman

Nancy Paulikas is fifty-five years of age and suffers from early onset Alzheimers. During a trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with her family, she wandered off and is still missing. We must find Nancy and reconnect her with her loving husband. Please share the missing poster with your friends and family, especially doctors and nurses, as sheriffs believe she may be a “Jane Doe” in a mental health facility, shelter, or hospital. The following links provide more information:

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Board Passes Supervisor Hahn’s Motion to Address County Cyberattack Readiness

Los Angeles, CA — Today, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Supervisor Janice Hahn’s motion to study the County’s cybersecurity preparedness. Her motion comes after recent news that LA County employees had been the target of a phishing attack.

“Cyberattacks are not going away any time soon,” said Supervisor Hahn. “In fact, we should expect them to increase and become more sophisticated. We need to know where the County is vulnerable to cyberattacks and what we can do to protect the public’s sensitive and personal information.”

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