Nearly 200 Affordable Units coming to Marina del Rey Apartment Complex

Marina del Rey, CA– Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn and her colleagues on the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a 39-year lease extension for the Mariners Village apartment complex in Marina del Rey. The agreement notably includes a $100 million renovation of the existing units as well as a plan to convert 196 units to affordable housing for low income families– more than doubling the number of affordable units currently in the marina.

“Skyrocketing rents are driving families and seniors on fixed incomes out of Marina del Rey,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “With this agreement we are not only approving renovations for the apartments of the nearly 1000 families in Mariners Village, we are also ensuring that hundreds of families can afford to live there well into the future. This is going to be a model for how we negotiate lease extensions going forward.”

Under the agreement passed today, 196 (or 20%) of the 981 total units will be set aside for residents making less than 50% of the area median income which will include low-income families as well as seniors. Marina del Rey currently has 132 units of affordable housing and an additional 128 are currently under construction.

The agreement also includes plans for a $100 million renovation of the existing units. While tenants rejected an earlier renovation plan, this agreement addresses their concerns.  No residents will be forced to leave during renovations. The renovation will maintain the integrity of the original architectural design. No existing trees will be removed in the renovations and special care will be taken to preserve the habitats of the Great Blue Heron and Black Crowned Night Heron.

The plans also include a public promenade at the water’s edge in order to comply with the California Coastal Act. Supervisor Hahn recognizes that this may pose some privacy and security challenges for Mariners Village residents and has asked that a collaborative effort between the Lessee and the tenants be set up to resolve any issues that arise.

The renovations will take place over six years and units will be converted to affordable housing overtime as units become vacant.  Read the complete agreement here.