Supervisor Hahn Announces $100,000 for San Pedro Marine Mammal Care Center

Supervisor Hahn Announces $100,000 for San Pedro Marine Mammal Care Center

San Pedro, CA – Today, LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn announced that her office would provide $100,000 in funding to the Marine Mammal Care Center located in San Pedro. The announcement comes as the center risks shutting down due to financial issues.

“The Marine Mammal Care Center saves hundreds of sick, hurt, and malnourished seals and sea lions every year that are found on LA County beaches,” said Supervisor Hahn. “It is also a vital community resource where kids and families can learn about our local marine life and the threats they face. It would be a tragedy to see this facility shut down and I hope that this grant from my office will not only help keep the doors open but also encourage others to donate so we can keep the Marine Mammal Care Center open for years and decades to come.”

Opened in 1992, the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center (MMCC) services over 70 miles of the Los Angeles County coastline. In addition to providing treatment for LA County’s sick, injured, or stranded marine mammals, MMCC promotes the preservation of LA County’s ecosystem and marine life through education, research, and partnerships. It is one of the busiest marine mammal rehabilitation facilities in the country, admitting an average of 500 patients per year.

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  • Jerry White
    commented 2020-01-15 16:49:49 -0800
    In the daily breeze Jan 14 it read
    " Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn on Monday donated
    $100,000 to help San Pedro’s struggling Mammal Care Center.
    Hahn’s donation, which the supervisor said she hopes will inspire
    others to also give, came from her office’s discretionary-use funds."
    This is a volunteer Organization and should be funded by volunteers and not tax dollars.
    These mammals are not on the endangered list. If these volunteers want to play Mother Nature let them pay for it.
    Also at a glance it looked like that 100K came out of your purse and you want others to do the same out their pockets.