Supervisor Hahn Seeks Full Investigation and Replacement of Buses after KCBS Report on Burning Metro Buses in South Bay

Supervisor Janice Hahn is calling for the dangerous buses to be replaced and for a complete investigation into the incidents.

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Metro Board Votes to Study Two Route Alternatives for the South Bay Green Line Extension

“Extending the Green Line will finally give South Bay residents access to fast, easy public transportation and an alternative to the gridlock that has become so synonymous with the 405,” said Supervisor Hahn. “By moving to study these two routes, we are keeping this project on its accelerated schedule and bringing it one step closer to a reality.”

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LA County Will Notify Doctors of Patient Opioid Overdoses in Effort to Reduce Opioid Deaths

“This is a simple concept that works,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “When San Diego tried sending out these letters, doctors who learned about patient overdoses chose to reduce the number of opioids they prescribed.  This is a creative and easy strategy that will save lives and I am eager to implement it in LA County.”

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