LA County Invests $7.5 Million in Stormwater Capture Project under Long Beach Airport


LA County Invests $7.5 Million in Stormwater Capture Project under Long Beach Airport

Long Beach, CA—Today, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn and her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors approved dedicating $7.5 million of the Flood Control District Budget to the construction of a stormwater capture project underneath the Long Beach Airport. Once completed, the large underground galleries will be able to capture 33 acre feet of stormwater for potential future water supply use.

“Every time it rains, we lose millions of gallons of drinkable water by allowing it to run into the ocean,” said Supervisor Hahn. “Innovative projects like this mean we can capture rainwater and use it to replenish our local water supply.”

After every storm, rainfall runs through our streets and channels and is lost to the ocean. But with the threat of future droughts straining our water supply, focus has turned to storm water capture to provide a locally-sourced water supply.

This project consists of building large underground galleries underneath the Long Beach Airport that will divert runoff from surrounding Signal Hill and Long Beach streets. The water can be cleaned and used to recharge local groundwater for future use.

The project is being done in two phases. The first phase, scheduled to be completed in coming months, was funded by Caltrans and has the capacity to divert 14 acre-feet of stormwater.  The $7.5 million in funding approved today by the Board of Supervisors will go toward funding the second phase which will construct additional underground galleries with a capacity to hold 19 acre-feet of water. The Cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill will contribute an additional $4.25 million to complete the second phase of this project.