Homeless Crisis

In 2017, the voters of Los Angeles County took a historic step forward in the movement to house our homeless neighbors when they passed Measure H. In 2018, for the first time in four years, the number LA County residents experiencing homelessness has gone down.

We are still in the early stages of implementing Measures H and HHH, but these numbers show that our strategies are the right ones and that we are beginning to make progress

Together, we're working hard to:

Get everyone in: Are you in? Join the grassroots movement to combat NIMBYism and build affordable housing throughout LA County.

Use technology to our advantage: Our outreach workers are connecting with hundreds of homeless residents every single day. If you see a homeless resident in need of help, use LA-HOPS to request an outreach worker.

Build housing that people can afford: Housing in LA County is more expensive than ever before and our historic housing shortage is pushing more and more families into homelessness. I'm proud to support and fund the construction and preservation of affordable homes throughout the Fourth District.

Which strategy do you think is key to ending the homeless crisis?