Hahn/Barger Motion Creates Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Safety

Los Angeles, CA—Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a motion authored by Supervisor Barger and Supervisor Hahn to create a Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Safety.  The commission will be made up of diverse stakeholders who will examine challenges facing law enforcement resulting from statewide criminal justice reforms and propose creative solutions to better help former inmates reintegrate into society and increase public safety.

This motion comes months after Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer was murdered by a former inmate who was on probation under Los Angeles County’s supervision.

“Officer Boyer’s murder raised questions about the impact state criminal justice reforms have had on public safety and the safety of our law enforcement community,” said Supervisor Hahn. “This is not a referendum on statewide criminal justice reforms but it is an opportunity to examine the mechanics necessary to make the reforms we do have work better and lead to better outcomes for formerly incarcerated individuals and public safety.”

“Working together, this vital commission will help us achieve our goal of delivering meaningful treatment programs as well as enhancing public safety,” said Barger.  “This is not just about the tragedy of losing Officer Boyer or sergeant Owen, it’s about the many young lives lost to drug addiction who aren’t receiving the help they deserve.”

The Blue Ribbon Commission will be made up of representatives from the local law enforcement community, County re-entry services, justice partners such as the District Attorney’s office and Public Defender’s Office, and five advocates and stakeholders from the re-entry community. The commission will recommend models for assisting and supervising formerly incarcerated individuals and examine the impacts of statewide criminal justice reforms on crime trends.  The motion passed by a vote of 3-0.