Hahn Seeks Economic Analysis of Port Automation’s Impact on Local Economy

Hahn Seeks Economic Analysis of Port Automation’s Impact on Local Economy

Los Angeles, CA— Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal by Supervisor Janice Hahn to study the potential economic impact of automation at the Port of Los Angeles.

“Too often we take the good paying jobs that our ports provide for granted,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “But we should be very worried about whether we are seeing the beginning of a larger move toward automation at our ports and in industries across the region and what that could mean for the future of good jobs in our communities.”

Last week, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission approved a permit that would allow the introduction of driverless cargo handlers in the APM Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. This action is expected to result in significant job loss. Supervisor Hahn has opposed this proposal and wrote a letter to the Commission citing her concerns about potential job losses associated with a move toward automation and the ripple effect job losses at the port could have on the larger economy.

“Port jobs don’t just support port families,” said Supervisor Hahn. “They in turn support grocery stores, sandwich shops, dry cleaners, and innumerable other businesses in and around the Harbor Area.  Automation is a threat to these jobs and therefore a threat to our community’s larger economic well-being. We need a better understanding of the potential impact that automation at our ports and automation more generally in other local businesses could have on the future of good-paying jobs in LA County.”

Ray Familathe, the President of ILWU Local 13, stressed the importance of ILWU jobs to the local economy saying that a recent report said that the incomes of ILWU members are 85% higher than the median income of local residents.

“I am scared because my husband works at the docks and I don’t know how we could possibly afford our mortgage if he lost his job today,” said Shannon Ross, a San Pedro resident who testified at the meeting. “Our community is right to be scared. These jobs are important to everyone. Not just the union members – our entire community will be egregiously impacted.”

The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a motion today that does two things. First, instructs the County to conduct an economic analysis of the potential impact that automation at our ports would have on jobs and the local economy.  Second, the Board will send a five-signature letter to the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles City Council supporting the ILWU’s efforts to oppose automation plans and protect local jobs.

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  • Gina Gregory
    commented 2019-06-27 18:37:54 -0700
    Robots replacing jobs is not a step forward. It will ultimately destroy communities while big corporations take in profits. Robots DO NOT pay taxes or contribute to a growing economy!
  • Robin Kavanaugh
    commented 2019-06-27 12:50:08 -0700
    Stop automation!!!!
    Robots kill my and my sons future, they are killing our world and humanity as a whole. Are you that blind and stupid? Can you not see the huge change in this world and tge people in it?
    ILWU the strongest union in the world is being destroyed by robots.
    The world is being destroyed by robots.
    Homeless people everywhere on every corner in every city, and it’s not because of drugs. It’s because the government took their jobs and replaced it with computers. This took their will to live, their income and desire to help others.
    Many people on the streets were normal happy family people who lost their job and not cuz they showed up late or did a bad job. They lost it to corporations looking to save a buck and replace 10 humans with 1 computer.
    Those people replaced couldn’t pay their bills, couldn’t feed their children, and couldn’t get a job, cuz the 10 jobs the computer replaced put those 10 people competing for 1 job if they could even find a place hiring.
    These homeless people were just like me and you and now they are living on the streets, using sidewalks as their toilets cuz the world shit on them when they did everything they were supposedly do in life. After being knocked down so many times. They are shitting back on the world that screwed them. (Literally @ 8 am while I’m driving my son to school, a sane homeless woman used the sidewalk as her bathroom because she was turned away from 4 business for being homeless. She worked for Target 5 years prior, she was paying back her student loans, she had a degree in business management, but lost her job when they had to cut back cuz of the self checkout line. There’s 8 terminals in targets self check out line. All of the computers being used by shoppers with 1 regular cashier line open.
    It’s insane that people are so blind to the real threat we are facing.
    This is the beginning to the end.
    Why can’t people open their eyes and see that?
    Taking jobs away from good families is horrible. It’s cruel and it’s killing this world of all empathy and compassion and of a future for our kids.
    Whoever is in charge of this automation and whoever is for it. Look around next time you drive your fancy car to work. Look at all the homeless people begging for a buck or talking to themselves like they lost their minds.
    You should probably feed some of them or at least give notice to them. Cuz you are the reason for them.
    You are the ones who did this to them.
    And you are adding thousands more of them to the streets.
    When you get mugged or worse by them cuz they are starving and hateful for what happened to them remember that YOU DID THIS TO THEM and deserve whatever hate comes from what you did to thousands of people who once had a job and made an honest living for their families.
    You thinking this contribution to clean air or whatever bogus bullshit you justify you greed by, is helping save the world for our children’s future is the biggest lie ever told.
    Who gives a crap what the air looks like in 20 years. What you should think about is what the world will be in 20 years when the world has lost all empathy for one another and everyone is taking and stealing and killing one another to survive.
    Those thousands of homeless people you ignore everyday is our future.
    People stop taking to get yours
    And start helping the ones next to you so there is a future.
    Automation is the beginning to the end and not just for ILWU but for the world and mankind.
  • Sonia Carrasco
    commented 2019-06-25 23:36:42 -0700
    Thank you.
    No robots.
    Save the economy over greed
    Do not add health concern 5G