Hahn Statement on SCAQMD’s Temporary Shutdown of Chromium-emitting Company Anaplex

Paramount, CA—Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement applauding the SCAQMD’s decision to order Anaplex Corp to shut down all operations related to emission of hexavalent chromium after their emissions exceeded the 1.0 nanograms per cubic meter threshold established in the ongoing Order of Abatement. The most recent three-day average monitoring results for hexavalent chromium for the site closes to Anaplex indicated that hexavalent chromium levels were 4.5 ng/m^3. While these levels are unacceptable, they are much lower than the levels measured in November 2016 which reached 18 ng/m^3.

“The South Coast Air Quality Management District acted quickly to shut down operations at Anaplex after readings showed hexavalent chromium emissions four times above the safe limit. The Order of Abatement that we fought for in December is working and, although the process is tedious, keeping close watch of Anaplex and Aerocraft  and shutting them down when their emissions get too high is protecting the long-term health of local residents and workers.”