July 12, 2022

Hahn Names Community Leaders and Educators Dandy de Paula and Lisa Michelle Dabbs to Serve on LA County Commission on Human Relations

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Los Angeles, CA – Today, LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn named two community leaders and educators to serve on the County’s Commission on Human Relations – Hawaiian Gardens resident Dandy De Paula and Whittier resident Lisa Michelle Dabbs.

“The Commission on Human Relations has the monumental and important task of combating prejudice and hate in an increasingly diverse LA County,” said Supervisor Hahn. “It can’t do this without the expertise of individuals who have spent years supporting and improving their communities and know what residents of these communities need to thrive. Dandy De Paula and Lisa Michelle Dabbs are two such individuals – I am proud to appoint them both today, and I know they will do great work.”

Both De Paula and Dabbs bring with them to the Commission decades of experience in education and community leadership.

De Paula – a native of the Philippines – is a resident of Hawaiian Gardens who has worked since 2003 in the field of Early Childhood Education. He currently serves as a Program Director of Covenant Kids Preschool, helping local kids get a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. De Paula has received numerous awards from the City of Hawaiian Gardens and the ABC Unified School District for his organizing and outreach efforts in Hawaiian Gardens. He also previously received a Certificate of Appreciation from Supervisor Hahn commending him for his community work.

“Serving others has been my passion and I am deeply honored to have been given this great opportunity to continue my work in helping improve the quality of life and create healthy relationships,” said De Paula.

Starting her career as a teacher, Whittier resident Lisa Michelle Dabbs is an education leader who worked for over 15 years as a school principal in four different school districts in LA County. She was elected in 2018 to serve as President of the East Whittier City School District Board and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of La Verne, where she teaches courses in school administration. She is also a published author. Her book “Standing in the Gap: Empowering New Teachers Through Connected Resources” is taught in teacher education courses across the globe.

“I’m honored to receive this appointment to the Commission on Human Relations, the longest-standing Commission of its kind in the US,” said Dabbs. “I want to thank Supervisor Hahn for selecting me to serve and represent the diverse community of Los Angeles County on this Commission. As a second-generation Latina, I have dedicated my education career to championing the rights of the underserved. The mission of the Commission speaks to that commitment that I have had and to leaving a lasting impact by striving to bring the community together around the issues of diversity that matter to our LA County residents. Lastly, I look forward to connecting with my fellow Commissioners and in collaboration with them, becoming a valued member of this important Human Relations work. I want to again thank Supervisor Hahn for entrusting me to this important Commission appointment.

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations is a 15-member body dedicated to promoting positive human relations and protecting human rights in an increasingly complex and multicultural LA County. Partnering with schools, cities, community-based organizations, and other leaders, the Commission brings key players together to resolve intercultural conflicts and to work toward the longer-term aim of eradicating bias and prejudice in LA County. Each Supervisor names three Commissioners who serve multi-year terms.



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