Hahn Announces Plans to Secure Needed Funding for Wilmington Cemetery

Los Angeles, CA- Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn announced news that the Wilmington Cemetery District may see increased funding in the future because of a change proposed today. 

Supervisor Hahn visits storm damaged cemetery in February.

At today’s meeting of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for Los Angeles County, the board approved recommendations to expand the Wilmington Cemetery District’s sphere of influence to encompass an additional 13,752 acres of the City of Los Angeles and county unincorporated areas. If this change is enacted, the Wilmington Cemetery District would receive more funding from local property taxes that could be used to fund much-needed maintenance and repairs.

“The historic Wilmington Cemetery District has been underfunded for decades,” said Supervisor Hahn. “Without funding, maintenance issues have built up and have only been made worse by this year’s winter storms. When I toured that storm damage I promised to get the Wilmington Cemetery District the funding it needs to make repairs and maintain the cemetery in a way that respects its history and the memories of those buried there.”

The Wilmington Cemetery District’s current sphere of influence has not changed since it was created in 1958. At the time, large portions of Wilmington were left out of the original district boundaries. This has caused confusion for years for many residents who have wanted to be buried or have their loved ones buried in the cemetery.

The recommended expansion approved today by the board will finally place all of Wilmington into the district’s sphere of influence as well as other local communities and will provide additional revenue the district severely needs.

A map of the proposed expansion of the sphere of influence can be found on page 98 of this PDF.

 Next the auditor controller and tax collector will file reports on the proposed expansion to determine the amount of funding that could go to the Wilmington Cemetery. LAFCO and the Wilmington Cemetery District Board Members, appointed by Supervisor Hahn, will begin the annexation process to finalize the sphere of influence expansion.  This process could take several months.