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The OIG Investigation of the Sheriff Secret Society Issue

Please consider creating a Behavioral Anomaly Recognition System for the Sheriff Department, Similar to the one I created and helped implement for an LA County Department.

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Foster Youth to RN programs :-)

Creating a partnership with DCFS and California Community Colleges that guarantee enrollment of their RN Programs. (1-2 slots per college). I think this would be a great program for high performing foster youth that want to work in the health field. 2.75+ GPA required? If that's too much maybe start a pilot program with one college first.

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Noise and Air pollution

LA is the smoggiest city in USA and residents are overwhelmed by enormous inescapable noise pollution. There are many activities that are poorly regulated and deserve more attention. Gas powered tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers mustn't be allowed in close vicinity of residential areas and schools, backup alarms on trucks must adjust to ambient levels, heavy equipment operations like constructions or trash collecting has to be insulated form surrounding residential areas. City or county owned vehicles and equipment has to be replaced by electric alternatives...

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