Supervisor Hahn Releases Statement on Death of 23-year-old Woman in Whittier Encampment

Supervisor Hahn Releases Statement on Death of 23-year-old Woman in Whittier Encampment

Los Angeles, CA — Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn has released the following statement regarding the death of 23-year-old Corinna Megan Ortega, found unresponsive in a tent in Whittier’s Parnell Park on New Year’s Day.

“As our coroner is working to determine how Corinna died, my office is working to determine whether anything could have been done to prevent her death and connect her with the help she needed. I am working with PATH, the local service provider that had been in contact with her during her time at the Parnell Park encampment, to get a better sense of the challenges she faced. I will be convening a meeting of our local homeless services providers as well as the Sheriff’s Homeless Outreach Services Team to discuss strategies for how we can better serve the individuals trying to survive in the Parnell Park encampment and how we can prevent another death like Corinna’s.”

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  • Robert Jackson
    commented 2020-01-04 22:17:23 -0800
    Supervisor Hahn,
    Parnell Park was a family friendly Park. Children playing, families havind picnics, couples having wedding receptions, family reunions and concerts in the park. The park atmosphere is ruined. I won’t go there. I certainly wouldn’t take my grandkids there. And I doubt that I would go there to see a concert. It’s a horrible situation.
    Everyday I drive by there appears to be more tents than the day before. The homeless that are here don’t want help because they are drug addicts. The young lady that died is evidence of that.
    This encampment is next to a church and one block from an elementary school, and a middle school. And across the street from a day care.
    I would prefer the park to be closed to everyone than to see the park the way it is. What is the difference. We can’t use it now anyway. There are reports of vandalism and robberies that match the increase in the homeless population. Many of these homeless people have been bussed here and dropped off because You can live in Parnell Park without restrictions.
    The camping ordinance doesn’t work. They don’t even lower their tents unless the police arrive.
    How would you feel if you worked hard to buy a nice home. Maintain it so you investment will be something your proud of. Only to have your property value go down because your city allows a huge homeless tent city to take over a park blocks from your home.
    What is more amazing is that Creek Park and La Mirada Park that are within two miles of Parnell Park have no homeless populations.
    As a homeowner, tax paying citizen I demand that something be done right away. I don’t want to hear that we’re doing studies, interviewing them, begging them multiple times to accept help. Move them somewhere else. How about to the unused garage next to city hall. It’s empty and has plenty of room. And it’s two blocks from the police station so they can be monitored daily.

    Robert Jackson
  • Robert Jackson
    followed this page 2020-01-04 22:14:05 -0800
  • Jkr Classic
    commented 2020-01-03 17:56:03 -0800
    I live just a few blocks away from the park along the greenway that runs through Whittier. The homeless problem has become such a problem here that during the day, they hang out in the bushes along that walkway and steal, defecate, vandalize and threaten people as they pass by.

    I don’t even allow for my children to play in our back yard because of what may happen. It has only gotten worse. Parnell park just a few weeks ago had a protest regarding this very issue. The local mayor recently put out a flyer in hope of gaining voter support to do something here yet the issue still remains.

    I moved my family to Whittier because it used to be a nice area for the middle class. Now I am looking to move out of it just 6 years later. Gangs, homeless and the overall sense of no longer being a family based city.
  • Chris LopezRuedas
    commented 2020-01-03 11:30:06 -0800
    Supervisor Hahn do you think the citizens who live in Whittier, the citizens who vote and pay taxes want you to see “How you can better serve the individuals trying to survive in the Parnell Park encampment” we want them removed from the park and out of our city. Why not take them to your local neighborhood park and see if you still feel the same way!
  • Pamela Butler
    commented 2020-01-03 03:29:43 -0800
    Parnell Parks homeless is a bunch of junkies. There are beds available in this City but they won’t go because there are rules against doing drugs in the shelters. Our cities leadership is being held back by state laws! This is absolutely ridiculous for the citizens of this city. We can’t even use our own park!!