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  • Mary Sue OMelia
    commented 2021-07-16 18:39:50 -0700
    We were vaccinated with an experimental drug so we could live a normal maskless life. Shame on you for mandating that those vaccinated wear masks while indoors at public places.
  • Willie Willis
    commented 2021-02-27 22:33:20 -0800
    I am a member of the Florence-Firestone community. My parents purchased a home on 75th and Miramonte in 1968. As a child, I was able to use the Florence Library for many years when it was moved to the Florence location. The Florence Library was dedicated at 1610 East Florence Ave in 1978 by then Supervisor Kenneth Hahn (father of Supervisor Janice Hahn), who I’m told was strong advocate for our community. We (the community) were originally promised a larger new library with low-income apartments above by Mark Rigley-Thomas. Then that dream was snatched away, and the Florence Library has been put into a double-wide trailer for a couple of years now. Now they(?) have decided to relocate the Florence Library to a constituent’s center at another location that the community is 100% against. The location is not even on Florence!
    The location on Florence was able to service over ten schools in the community and commuters on the Blue Line train and Metro bus lines because it is on a main street. And it would be wonderful for the new families upstairs to have access to a public library on the first floor. And there is also another housing project planned to be built across the street from this location on Florence. So, to have the library back at 1610 East Florence Ave. would greatly needed for future residents as well.
    I am writing because that project is not complete. The apartments above are not complete, and neither is the ground floor. I AM ASKING FOR A MIRACLE FOR OUR COMMUNITY! I am asking that the library be placed back in that location, if not larger, at the same size. Just including the library back as part of the project would still benefit the community. At least the community would have a new updated library, as the shopping experiences continue to grow around it. The library would allow community visitors to use the library and go next door to shop (whatever it becomes).
    And I think it is important to honor the legacy of Kenneth Hahn by continuing to support the Florence-Firestone community as he did in the past. It would only be right to put the library back there, even if you cannot expand it. Please use the funds that were available before to place the library back in its same location on Florence (Florence Library). It would be disappointing to see those funds used to remodel a whole new location that is not on Florence, the community did not support, and dishonors our memory Kenneth Hahn’s dedication. I was able to even find photos of Kenneth Hahn when he welcomed Martin Luther King Jr. to Los Angeles. And I read online that Kenneth Hahn also lived in the County of Los Angeles with his family in the 60’s or 70’s when I was a child. As well as that, Mr. Hahn was a big supporter of the African American community of South Central. I also found a picture of Kenneth Hahn supporting a library program. And I feel like the Florence Library was important enough to Mr. Hahn to dedicate it, just liked it is important to the community.
    Please Save the Florence Library!
    I am currently a Library Aide at two elementary schools in the area, and I have encourage so many children to use the Florence Library that I have actually seen there. They enjoy the activities that were there. The current library is closed now due to covid-19, but offers sidewalk service. But when it is open, the library only accommodates 24 people total.

    Please, it’s not too late,
    Ms. Willie Willis
  • Vicki Shapiro
    commented 2021-02-05 09:10:22 -0800
    Please see the Open Letter to Gov. Newsom from Students First Coalition to encourage the State to allow all public and private schools throughout California to open with proper mitigation and infection control measures in place.
    As explained in the letter, both the CDC and the Harvard Global Health Institute now support giving students of all ages an option for in-person learning, even in areas at high levels of community spread. The Governor’s In-Person Instruction Framework is based on old science and does not take the CDC and HGHI’s new recommendations into account.
  • sheri lehavi
    commented 2021-02-04 13:52:06 -0800
    I am a parent of three kids in LA County. I am a native Angeleno and teach at Pierce College in the LACCD. My daughter is a Scripps college freshman. Since August, Scripps (and all the Claremont schools) have worked tirelessly with LA County Health to keep our communities safe. They have been positive and supportive. However, this spring, LA County health rescinded the option for residential campuses on the semester system to apply for a waiver in spring. This was without any consideration to accommodations that have already been made. The colleges are prepared with single occupancy dorms, regular testing and tracking, outdoor classrooms, learning social pods and more. Without access to dorms, many students of all our county colleges are coming into our county and living independently in apartments with no supervision and no criteria. I believe allowing colleges that are prepared to apply for a waiver is better for the students and safer for the community. LA’s continued path against the rest of the nation and not backed by the data is hurting our students and our county. I urge you to make certain that Scripps and all residential colleges in our county that have made the needed accommodations be guaranteed the right to open in Fall 2021 semester.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sheri Lehavi
  • Tom Brozenec
    commented 2020-11-27 14:22:33 -0800
    My comment of 4-13-2020 (more than 7 months ago) has aged well. I wrote then that you and the rest of the board of supervisors was heading down the exact wrong path with lockdowns and business shutdowns, all in a futile attempt to contain an AIRBORNE VIRUS. Never in the history of the world has an airborne virus been contained; they spread… that is what they do. So in your lack of wisdom and blind trust in one Dr. Barbara Ferrer (a total nothing with zero qualifications to manage a pandemic) you have succeeded in making your “cure” much worse than the actual disease. The fact that you now try to stop the absolutely insane shutdown of outdoor dining should definitely be classified in the “too little, too late” category. You should’ve been much stronger in your leadership from the beginning… instead, you weakly acquiesced early on and your actions now mean literally nothing. Many of us remember that you actually CLOSED THE BEACH!! Perhaps the most stupid public policy decision in the history of this county (if not the entire world). You have ZERO credibility left. Perhaps you should apologize for your past foolishness; it might generate some smidgeon of credibility amongst those of us who’ve seen the truth from the beginning.
  • Russ Lemley
    commented 2020-11-27 11:23:57 -0800
    I am writing to thank you for your attempt with Supervisor Barger to overturn the LA County Department of Public Health’s recently-enacted ban on outdoor dining. As a registered Libertarian, and a former Democrat, I simply appreciate when leaders in my former party demonstrate common sense and concern for those who will be severely impacted by this ban.

    It is simply astounding that the basis for the Department’s ban is as thin as it is. As you know, during the Board of Supervisors’ meeting Wednesday night, the Department admitted that they could not demonstrate a link between outdoor dining in LA County and COVID-19 infection rates. Nevertheless, three of your colleagues on the Board continued to support the ban. So in the name of containing the spread of a virus through drastic measures that show no indication that they will succeed, small businesses and their employees (not to mention the companies that provide services to these restaurants) that serve 11 million County residents could find themselves out of business and out of a job.

    While we won’t know the effects of the disastrous ban until sometime in the future, I appreciate what you tried to do to stop it. I encourage you to remain a voice of common sense on this and many other issues in the County.
  • Ralph Westfall
    commented 2020-08-21 16:42:09 -0700
    I got a notice yesterday from the county of Los Angeles:
    PRESS RELEASE: Judge Affirms Validity of the County’s Health Officer Order, with Hearing Set for Monday on Enforcement

    My reaction is the county is doubling down on something that isn’t worth the costs in terms of legal expenses and negative public opinion. Most churches are complying with the guidelines. Of the few that are resisting, almost all are either small or managing their services very carefully, or both.

    Either let those few churches alone, or impose comparably stern restrictions on massive public demonstrations. The county needs to do something to reassure people that it is not promoting a covert agenda with this policy.
  • Marc Ruth
    commented 2020-05-28 01:00:32 -0700
    Mike is correct. To add to it, the criteria for a State of Emergency according to California Government Code 8558 (b) “State of emergency” means the duly proclaimed existence of conditions of disaster or of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property within the state caused by conditions such as air pollution, fire, flood, storm, epidemic, riot, drought, cyberterrorism, sudden and severe energy shortage…" After over 2 months of shutdown, with the science and statistics that we now have, WHERE IS THE EXTREME PERIL TO THE SAFETY OF PERSONS?
    There is an existence of conditions of disaster, but that is closing the economy, putting millions on unemployment, significant losses to businesses (especially small businesses), an enormous collateral damage in suicides, domestic abuse, child abuse, not to mention the harm to children not being in school.
    Why do the County officials continue with an agenda of FEAR, rather than one of science and statistics. All of the medical projections based upon modeling have been utterly wrong. But we do have the statistics for the past 2 months. Although deaths are tragic, we face risks each and everyday including risks from many other diseases, car accidents, to being victims of crime to name a few.
    But what are the risks from Covid19?
    From WORLDOMETERS.INFO/CORONA VIRUS,“WORLD Last updated: May 23, 2020, 18:36 GMTACTIVE CASES 2,804,184. Currently Infected Patients 2,750,614 (98%) in Mild Condition. 53,570 (2%) Serious or Critical." 98% of those active infected patients have a mild condition! Don’t believe that, what about LA County statistics, What about L.A. County? As of May 23 according to, 44, 029 cases of Covid19. 2090 deaths, 1440 in hospital and 462 in ICU. Hospitalizations about 3.2% and ICU about 1%. You only go to the hospital if you have a serious or critical condition from the virus. Those are current infected people, so those who have Covid19 and don’t know it, that would make the percent even less than 3% hospitalization.
    Give people the current, accurate information and let them know the risks—NOT the FEARS of speculation. If people are informed of the risks, especially with age factors and underlying medical conditions, let them choose if they want to take the risk of mingling in society. If they don’t want to—that’s fine—it’s their choice. Let people take personal responsibility and that means do not force them to quarantine when they are healthy. Let them choose what activities they what to participate in and how they want to do it. After all, we do believe in freedom. I fail to see how the State and County government can now consider this a state of emergency—“extreme peril” to life does not appear to be justified by the facts. True leadership is weighing all the factors, taking some risks and doing what is right for ALL of the citizens of the County including those who live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Mike Derleth
    commented 2020-05-27 17:23:55 -0700
    I would like to share some hidden facts about this so called “pandemic”. With all the media reporting all the deaths per day – per week – per month, why hasn’t anybody asked how many deaths per million people in any given area? I’ll tell you why, because the percentage is so low this country would revolt that our economy is being trashed for this few deaths.
    Well I would like to to be the first one here to give you the FACTUAL numbers .
    Lets start with L.A County who’s population is roughly 10,120,000. The deaths from Covid-19 in L.A County as reported today 5/27 is roughly 2,200. So if my math is correct that is a .021% death rate. Less than one quarter of one tenth of a percent.
    Now let’s do California. Roughly 40,000,000 people with 3,955 deaths. That comes to .00988%. Less than one tenth of one hundredth of a percent.
    Now let’s do the entire USA. Roughly 330,000,000 people with 102,108 deaths to date.
    That comes to .o309%. Just a little over one quarter of one tenth of a percent.
    And for this we are shutting down our country and destroying our economy.
    Wake up people!! Start demanding the real numbers that count.
    Plus over 50% of all deaths are attributed to either the elderly or people with underlying conditions. I’m not say that they don’t matter but considering over 600,000 people die every year from heart disease. We as as many as 60,000 people die every year from the common flu.
    We are setting a very bad precedent here. So every year we are going to shut down over some virus. Come on people. WAKE UP!!
  • Edward Kelly
    commented 2020-05-20 13:51:46 -0700
    Adding my voice to those who have recently learned that our county Health “Leader” has zero health knowledge nor experience. Ferrer is not qualified for this $500,000/year position, and I request that you immediately look into firing her, and replacing her with someone actually qualified to deal with a real health crisis like the one we are now facing. It is an insult to the taxpayer to find out this is how you allocate my tax dollars!
  • Mary Marra
    commented 2020-05-20 09:51:04 -0700
    I am also a resident of Torrance and completely agree with Marc. We are letting a non-medical overpaid unelected official make decisions for the entire county. That’s beyond crazy. Someone needs to step up to the plate and make some rational decisions.
    We are going to lose many tax dollars to other counties because they will open up restaurants, salons, gyms, churches and other places people spend money. Torrance had 3 deaths in 10 days. Accidents and the flu probably exceeded that number. Are we going to ban cars too? If we have to follow the county, we will never open. They just keep moving the goalposts. Suicide, child abuse, and domestic violence are growing at alarming rates because of these draconian measures. Children should be in school where they are actually safe and protected. Many of the children are not being educated and they will fall farther and farther behind. Is there anyone in the county hierarchy that cares about children and mental health or the economy? Wondering if you will read this, Ms . Hahn.
  • Marc Ruth
    commented 2020-05-18 10:21:00 -0700
    I am a resident of Torrance, 71 years of age with underlying health issues.
    It does not appear that the Board is making this ruling based upon any significant evidence that the Covid19 virus in LA County is a significant health risk to the vast majority of citizens in Los Angeles County to justify a continued shelter at home policy. It appears as though fear is the real contagion. As of May 14th, I believe that the total number of deaths in LA was approximately 1755 as of May 14th. Based upon the Department of Public Health’s own statistics, 77.4% of the deaths have been of individuals aged 65 +, many with underlying medical conditions. Also, over half of the 1755 deaths have been in nursing type venues. That means since mid-February to mid-May, approximately 875 deaths, not in nursing home type venues, have occurred in Los Angeles County due to Covid19. I recognize that all deaths are tragic but I believe that it is the Board of Supervisors responsibility to protect the well-being of all citizens of the County. It is interesting to note that according to the State of California statistics only 6% of the deaths have been under the age of 50 and I assume that most of those had underlying medical issues.

    Initially in early March, the projections based upon modeling were projecting 1 to 2 million deaths in the United States. Although the numbers were extremely low in California, Gov. Newsom took aggressive action and the Board of Supervisors issued it Safer at Home order. One could understand the drastic action of shelter at home and significantly shutting down the economy if one were to assume 1 to 2 million deaths in the United States. In the past two months more data has been accumulated as I have detailed above. Based upon the number of deaths, based upon the fact that the hospitals in Los Angeles have the capacity to meet the Covid19 virus, and based upon the fact that approximately 98% of those being infected with Covid19 recover from the virus, it does not appear that Covid19 is a significant medical crisis that requires the continued sheltering at home through July and the continued shutting down of the economy.

    I believe it is the responsibility for the Board of Supervisors to protect the well-being of all citizens and in doing so it should hear the opinions of the medical experts. However, it should not abdicate its role as being the elected governors of Los Angeles County. The Board needs to examine the big picture with many factors and not just a myopic, one point of view. Medical issues are important, so is the loss of a job causing significant economic harm especially those who live pay check to pay check. Increases in strokes, heart attacks, alcohol consumption, drug consumption, domestic violence, child abuse, suicides, depression and other social issues need to be taken into consideration. And that is not to mention the economic devastation, not only for workers, but for the small businesses and all of the independent contractors that are not consider “essential”. All government workers have been deemed “essential” but, as an example, what are the district attorneys and the public defenders doing while the courts are basically closed? Are they continuing to receive a paycheck? Why aren’t they furloughed without pay like those in the public sector are being forced to do?

    It does not seem to be based upon scientific evidence that one cannot sun bathe at the beach but can go to the beach if one is in the water or is continually moving. How is it even logical that restaurants can have tables out-of-doors with sufficient social distancing and yet one cannot sit on beach with appropriate social distancing?

    The Safer at Home Order is no longer justified on a medical basis especially when putting Covid19 into context with the other collateral damages that are not presently being considered. The Safer at Home Order is no longer justified when balanced against our California Constitutional rights as specified in Article 1 Section 1, “All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy” and in Article 1 Section 3 b. (4) “Nothing in this subdivision supersedes or modifies any provision of this Constitution, including the guarantees that a person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denied equal protection of the laws, as provided in Section 7.” I fail to see any due process considering that the scientific data at this time does not support a conclusion that the State of California and the County of Los Angeles is in such a medical emergency to justify the loss of liberty, taking away citizen’s jobs, forcing employers’ businesses to close, or incurring serious collateral social damage.

    We cherish freedom in American, freedom to make choices and freedom to take risks. Let it be my personal choice, my personal responsibility whether I want to go to a restaurant especially if social distancing is being practiced and employees are wearing masks. Let me take the risk if I want to be exposed to a cold, to a flu or to a Covid19 virus. I have been informed of the risks and I am an adult who can make a choice. If people congregate and by doing so spread Covid19 and the fear is that it will be brought home to those who are the greatest risk, then those with the greatest risk do not have to venture into public and if they fear that someone will bring it to their home, they can isolate themselves. That choice is not being given to those workers, mostly who are under the age of 65 with much less risk of dying, when they are unemployed and the economy is in shambles.

    Where is the medical evidence to justify the continued closing of the schools? What is the percentage of those 25 years and younger having death or significant medical complications from Covid19? Is there a fear that they will bring it home to their grandparents? If so, inform those over 65 with underlying conditions to self-isolate. What significant damage is being caused to those students and what long lasting effects will that have. This is especially true for the poorer students.

    The numbers simply do not justify a continued Safer at Home. We can practice safe behaviors and continue to function in public. The numbers for Sweden and now for the state of Georgia show that there is not a significant increase in deaths, or hospitalizations when the economy is open.

    The Los Angeles Times reported on April 1, 2020 that California ordered skilled nursing facilities to accept coronavirus patients. That was from the California Department of Public Health. I imagine that the Los Angeles County of Department of health followed that directive and half of the deaths in the County and in the State were in nursing type homes.

    It is time for the Board to protect the well-being of all citizens and not abdicate its authority to non-elected experts. It is not the time to increase the length of time for the Safer at Home Order. It is not the time to expand wearing masks whenever one is out of doors. Where is the scientific evidence that when walking, jogging, or riding bicycles that wearing a mask prevents contracting Covid19? Both Australia and New Zealand with low death rates advise citizens not to wear a mask in public unless they are sick. All deaths are tragic, but in America we are willing to take reasonable risks along with our freedoms. Vehicle speeds and deaths due to accidents have increased in LA County. In 2017 the Federal Transportation Safety Board determined that 1/3 of the deaths in vehicle accidents were due to speeds over 40 mph. Does that mean the speed limit throughout LA and California should be 40 mph or less?

    Although a registered Democrat, I feel that I will need to rely on more realistic leadership in the future and that currently appears to be coming from the Republican party.
    Marc Ruth, Attorney at Law
  • Mike Derleth
    commented 2020-05-12 14:25:14 -0700
    Supervisor Hahn
    You and the other supervisors have made a decision to keep the county shut down for another 3 months. Based on what accurate and concerning information? You might as well just ordered all the small business to shut their doors permanently. You people are single handedly going to destroy our economy and make this county resemble a 3 world country. This pandemic has been blown way out of proportion and the local news being presented is skewed to promote panic and fear. At the risk of sounding insensitive, the loss of life to this pandemic is going to be far less than than the loss of lively hoods and the overall economic impact it will have for YEARS, not months.
    You guys need to collectively pull your heads out of your a.. and get this county back on track financially. Why can’t you actually try some intelligent thinking on how to keep the most vulnerable people safe and let the rest of us adults get back to work and play. A great example of stupidity by both the state and the counties governments was closing down the golf courses for more than a week or 2 until new protocols could be in place. Golf is one of the most natural social distancing activities there is. Several states never shut down golf or hiking trails and most that did shut down reopened within 2 weeks with restriction.
  • Sonja Zhang
    commented 2020-05-04 23:41:16 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn,
    Project Roomkey was made with good intentions. It had a very good idea to start , but was too ambitious, has gone wrong.

    PLEASE settle the homeless people in the city they lived. Don’t move the poor and poor homeless people to some Unfamiliar Place! As we know, there wasn’t any background check before settlement. We separated them from their families and friends. We put them together. But most of them didn’t like stay together, even there were someones are suffering from bullying. We made these Bullying and harassment!

    PLEASE take the poor people back! Take them back to where they come and they like, where their families and friends can find them.

    PLEASE STOP the dangerous gathering! They are absolute illegal gathering. More than 100 people in one hotel. We put them together and they can go outside everyday. They are not good at projecting themselves and others. It makes the project useless and deadly harmful!

    Sonja Z
  • Tom Brozenec
    commented 2020-04-13 09:29:19 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn,
    I am writing to strongly protest the actions of LA County in extending the county’s ‘stay home’ order until May 15 (and potentially beyond). According to an article published in the Daily News on April 10 (written by Ryan Clark), the order was extended until May 15 based on statistical models developed by a team of modeling experts led by Dr Roger J. Lewis at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance. The same article indicated that there were no assurances from any officials (per a quote in the article from Dr. Barbara Ferrer) that the order would be lifted even on May 15. In other worse, this order seems to be indefinite!
    You are apparently basing your decisions on statistical models. And yet these models have not, at least to my knowledge, been made public. Moreover, the models certainly have not been validated; there are no validated models of coronavirus infection because it is a novel virus. This is self-evident. Furthermore, we the public only see the bottom-line numbers coming out of these models. The Daily News article reports that these models indicate three different possibilities:
    1. Social distancing maintained at current levels – 29.8% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1,
    2. More physical distancing measures put in place (these measures were not detailed in the article, but this is troubling to me…. what additional liberties do you plan to curtail by fiat?) – 5.5% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1,
    3. Measures reduced now – 95.6% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1.
    It would hard for me to over-state how absolutely absurd these numbers appear to be; firstly, because they are provided with too many significant figures (29.8% as opposed to 30%… really? You expect us all to believe you know these numbers with that much precision?). Secondly, all statistical models provide not only a nominal value, but also a confidence interval associated with that nominal value. How wide are the confidence intervals in the model? I regularly look at the University of Washington model results at the IMHE website that have become so well-known in recent weeks and I see that those models have very large confidence intervals. Given the fact that COVID-19 is a “novel” (i.e. new) virus, I would expect that Dr. Lewis’ confidence intervals are similarly wide. Why is that level of uncertainty not as well publicized as the nominal values? Or, as I suspect, is it not true that the 95.6% number cited is a worst-case number at the farthest extreme of the confidence interval? If that is the case (as I suspect it almost certainly must be), then your office and Dr. Ferrer and Christina Ghaly are all engaged in fear mongering of the worst kind. This is shameful and it must stop.
    You and your fellow supervisors of LA County have, with this order, effectively curtailed many of our civil liberties which we as Americans (at least historically) have held dear. I cannot take a walk on the beach. I cannot jog along the beach. I cannot surf. I cannot walk into a Chipotle or a grocery store without a face mask. I cannot attend Easter church services… for the first time in my life! All of these actions are outrageous and amount to a declaration of martial law (full martial law, I suppose, will accompany the “more physical distancing measures” now being apparently considered). Yet, where is the dire threat that would justify such extreme actions? Where? Show me actual data; not models… I want data! How many deaths (either “due to” or “with” COVID-19) have actually occurred? The IMHE model projects 1,616 total deaths throughout the entire state by August 4. To date, the entire state has recorded 666 deaths (either “due to” or “with” COVID-19). Per the Daily News article, there have been 425 deaths (“due to” or “with” COVID-19) to date in LA County… in a county with a population of 10 million souls.
    You have disrupted the lives of 10 million people and destroyed livelihoods and businesses, all due to the deaths of 425 individuals (0.00425% of the population) and some kind of model-induced fear about what might happen in the future? This is madness and public policy making at its worst. Just to provide some appropriate context: How many people in LA County have died in traffic accidents this year? How many from cancer? How many from heart disease? How many from suicide? How many from all causes? How much of an increase over a normal year do the 425 COVID-19 deaths represent? I suspect there’s been no overall increase at all!
    Given the extreme decisions that you are making using models as a basis, I believe it only fair that you instruct Dr. Lewis to make public all the inner details and assumptions of his model so that it can be reviewed by experts and lay persons alike. It is not fair that one model that has not been reviewed nor made public should be used to make such consequential decisions. You hope to save lives by your actions; yet, the actions you’ve taken have already had extremely deleterious consequences for millions of people. How many people have lost businesses which took years to build? How many people have lost jobs? How many people are now depressed and anxious? How many (sadly) will commit suicide or turn to drugs with devastating consequences? And perhaps most serious of all: How damaging to our traditions and customs of freedom and liberty to find that large portions of our population would willingly (like docile sheep) submit to arbitrary suspensions of their freedoms for what amounts to indefinite periods of time?
    I implore you… I beg of you, to reconsider this course of madness. We are not in the midst of the black death of the 14th century. Our health care system is the most amazing ever devised by mankind supported by incredible technological capability. Why would we lose our nerve and confidence now? Martial law and lock downs are not the answer in a nation that was founded on liberty and freedom. Our society needs to function again. Only quarantines of the weak and vulnerable need take place; and these can be voluntary and recommended, not forced. Coercion is NOT the American way. Like it or not, this population will need to eventually obtain herd immunity against COVID-19. There is no other way. You simply cannot shut down society for 18 months until a vaccine is in place. No sane individual thinks that can happen. If you tried, the results would be much worse than even that ridiculous worst-case 95.6% number predicted by Dr. Lewis’ model.
    Wisdom should take precedence over expertise at this time. Wisdom would demand that we balance our legitimate concern with the spread of COVID-19 with other concerns which are equally important: mental health, economic health, civic health, and religious health. So far, in this situation, all our public officials from President Trump all the way down to the LA County Board of Supervisors have failed us, the public, by their lack of wisdom and perspective and by too heavy a reliance on unproven models and by succumbing to fear and panic. Our public health experts (Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Dr. Lewis, et al) have also failed us…. By an exclusively monomaniacal focus on a single virus as opposed to holistic views of health. Also, we the public have failed ourselves… we’ve failed by giving into fear; we’ve failed by accepting government edicts from above without question, like docile sheep. This must all end and it must end quickly. I urge you and your fellow supervisors to reconsider your current course of action and reverse course.
    Tom Brozenec, Ph.D.
    El Segundo, CA
  • Lisa Harmon
    commented 2020-04-09 13:19:13 -0700
    The newsletter I received is the first of anything to include domestic violence information. Brava!
    The isolation for Shelter In Place is going to affect people in adverse ways, increasing the probability of domestic violence. There is nothing worse than being trapped with someone who is abusive.

    With so much focus on prevention of the virus, items like this are being lost.

    Now, if those who are working can just find toilet paper instead of empty shelves… or having it shipped in a care package from family in other parts of the US…
  • Robert Birulin
    commented 2020-03-12 23:54:46 -0700
    I just watched an interview you gave on Spectrum 1 about the voting problems we had last week and the long lines at many of the areas. You said you and others will look into the reasons so the problems can be fixed prior to the National Presidential Election.
    It seems to me from watching the returns of that evening and the news stories of long lines that most of the areas with people in line for hours was because of the number of machines available. When I voted that Tuesday evening (after 7:00 pm) we had 20 -25+ machines available and when talking others I know who voted in surrounding cities of me, they had 15, 20, 25+ machines also and there were no long lines. On the news most or all of the areas with super long lines, they were saying they had about 5 machines. It seems to me that the main reason wasn’t the machines working, but the number of machines available at those areas to vote.
    I found the process pretty easy to manage through, and the volunteers were there to help as needed.
    I would hope I can speak to someone about the process I experienced, and why I think those long lines existed. I don’t think it was the process that was the problem but the number of machines available.

    Thank you

  • Joe Castro
    commented 2019-11-19 20:51:56 -0800
    I have a solution for all the homeless and dementia people in Wilmington Ca because its geting worst and clearly overlooked.
  • Edward Sosa
    commented 2019-11-18 15:32:19 -0800
    Dear Supervisor Hahn,

    I would like your help in investigating why I was terminated from a volunteer assignment with the Registrar Recorder’s Office.

    From January thru October of 2019, I worked as a volunteer Deputy Commissioner for Civil Marriages at the office in Norwalk. In a conversation with Supervisor Toye Myers sometime in September, I indicated that I was nearing a year of volunteer service and asked if I would receive an annual review , guidance or direction in the disposition of my duties. I was told that I was doing fine and that there were no problems and “you’re doing a great job, unless you hear from me, keep doing what you’re doing”.

    On October 21, 2019, I was notified via a telephone call from Julia Melendez, Assistant Divisional Manager, that she was “rescinding your (my) appointment as a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Ceremonies”.

    When I asked why I was being terminated, she stated that it was within her perview to rescind my appointment. I explained I was not questioning her authority, but wanted to know what rule I had violated, or the policy or procedure that caused her to take such action. She said she had the authority to do so. I took great pains to explain I was not questioning her authority but was only seeking information regarding the reason for my dismissal. She continued to repeat her position so I asked if there was someone else who could provide me with the reason. After some discussion she agreed to accept a phone call on November 6, 2019 whereas she would provide the name and number of someone who could answer my question. On that date I was referred to Ms. Cardellas in Human Resources. Like Ms Melendez she repeated that they have the right to exercise this authority. I explained that the action was odd as I was given a clean bill of duty by Ms. Myers. I pointed out that the most recent issue of the LACERA Newsletter had just run the notice asking for volunteers to the Deputy Commission Level. So I asked why. She repeated her position regarding authority.
    I took a deep breath and explained I did not question the authority exercised by the Register Recorder – I just wanted to know why I was terminated. I still have no answer.

    In November 26, 2010, I retired as a Director after 38 years with the Los Angeles Country Probation Department. I understand authority and procedure, but I believe I’m entitled to an explanation. I also believe that without a reason I am prohibited from taking corrective action or personal growth. I am not looking to challenge or reinstatement.
    Can you help me? I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Edward M Sosa
  • Liz Odendahl
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  • Liz Odendahl
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