Board of Supervisors Allows Commercial Cannabis Ban in Unincorporated LA County to Stay in Place

Los Angeles, CA—Today, LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn released the following statement after the Board of Supervisors chose to take no action on a report regarding options for allowing and regulating commercial cannabis production and retail in unincorporated areas of LA County:

“I want to thank the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Advisory Group for their hard work over the past year trying to build consensus on a difficult issue.  While the report presented to the Board today lays out several different options for regulating commercial cannabis in our County unincorporated areas, there are differences of opinion among residents on allowing commercial cannabis in their neighborhoods. The Board of Supervisors has decided not to rush this issue and, by taking no action on the report today, has allowed the ban on commercial cannabis in the unincorporated area to stay in place. However, this ban does not affect residents’ ability to use cannabis recreationally or grow plants on their property for personal use as guaranteed under Proposition 64.

While regulated commercial cannabis is banned in unincorporated areas, neighborhoods have been dealing with a number of illegal, unlicensed dispensaries.  I take this issue very seriously and I will continue to work with these communities and with law enforcement to get these illegal operations shut down quickly and permanently.”