Established in 1850 as one of California's original 27 counties, Los Angeles County is the most populous in the nation, serving nearly 10 million residents spread out across over 4,000 square miles - almost 27 percent of California's population. As a subdivision of the state, the County is charged with providing numerous services that affect the lives of all residents, including law enforcement, tax collection, public health protection, public social services, elections and flood control.


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  • Patrick Meehan
    commented 2020-03-30 14:48:49 -0700
    Patrick Meehan, M.D.
    13 Tiburon Court
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    Dear Dr. Ferrer and Supervisor Hahn:

    I am a local physician with a long history of having worked in public health, including as health officer for both New Hampshire and Georgia and as director of emergency preparedness at CDC after 9/11 and during the anthrax era. I would suggest that the decision by LA County to close beaches, bike paths, etc. makes no sense from a public health perspective. I am not aware of evidence to suggest that passing by someone on a path poses any risk of coronavirus. By closing trails, bikers are forced onto the street and run the risk of injury having to mingle with cars. Many people use trails like the Strand for transportation. My own step daughter was visiting from Santa Monica (I am in Manhattan Beach) the afternoon this decision was made, forcing her to go home on busy streets, mingling with vehicles. By limiting venues, people are forced to congregate in less available spaces (which I have already witnessed in our neighborhood). Or they just cannot exercise which, from a public health perspective is important and may help maintain proper health and fitness so that if they are infected perhaps they will run less risk of severe complications. There have not been crowds at our beaches and there is plenty of room on our beaches for adequate social distancing. Seeing lifeguards ordering surfers out of the ocean yesterday baffled me since there is no conceivable way that that activity poses a risk of contracting coronavirus.

    I strongly urge the County of Los Angeles to reverse the decision to close all beaches, bike and walking paths. I am happy to discuss if you wish.


    Patrick Meehan, M.D.

    Cc: Mayor Garcetti
    LAC Board of Supervisors
  • Fitzwilliam Anderson
    published this page 2019-10-09 16:56:15 -0700