Established in 1850 as one of California's original 27 counties, Los Angeles County is the most populous in the nation, serving nearly 10 million residents spread out across over 4,000 square miles - almost 27 percent of California's population. As a subdivision of the state, the County is charged with providing numerous services that affect the lives of all residents, including law enforcement, tax collection, public health protection, public social services, elections and flood control.


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  • Richard Jensen
    commented 2021-11-10 16:41:38 -0800
    I have no faith that the Board of Supervisors has any interest in real, actual numbers. No one in county Government is working for Us. A continuing total of cases and death since Covid hit us continues to mislead. Everyone knows that there are false positives, deaths reported that can in no way be classed as Covid deaths. Yet no one is working on a remedy, they just keep putting out numbers. No real expiation of how they derive, no revised numbers, no one looking over data to ensure its real and correct.
    So where does this leave us? The media???? I think not.
    Elected officials SHALL work for the people, no matter what.
    Remember how they work for us, then vote appropriately for the canidate who cares about doing whats right.
  • Michael Varnal
    commented 2021-11-06 23:24:35 -0700
    I have a great respect for the Hahn family and know they work for us, the public. Working on an ambulance in the 80s, LA County Fire Station 9, a Black gentleman pushing a Caucasian gentleman up the driveway as we were about to share lunch arrived. The entire station perked up as Captain Russell met and greeted them and escorted them inside. They spoke to each of us and thanked us for our service, first time. Later, now working for the County I use to have to attend meetings at the Fairplex in Pomona. There is where I slammed into James Hahn, he walking down the hallway and I leaving a meeting room without looking, took his body guide by surprise. But managed to see him at the same venue or different ones around the county, a good man in his own right and at the time my mayor. Now, living in the 4th district I have Janice representing me and could not be happier.

    So, what I would like to see, this is not to be morbid, the reported deaths in the county by age and ethnicity. I don’t think that is to difficult for public health to manage with recent deaths currently reported as 25.

    Also, when I was working for County of Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services, Dr Celentano and Dr Fielding, Public Health would discuss possible or actual pandemics effecting Los Angeles County. I have no confidence in the current Public Health Director. Would like a response from the Fourth District to this video: there was a study early on which included Los Angeles County.

    But I would really like to see age and ethnicity posted on the Covid page. The cumulative total is confusing enough to follow of actual new cases, since the total is from when the pandemic was first identified to now. Confusion seems to be Public Health’s mission. Also, would be nice if Public Health could support the mask requirement with cited studies and in the absent of such studies create their own. We were one of the counties that created paramedics and set new techniques to fire fighting.

    Last, the pharmaceutical companies place those information sheets about their medications. We see drugs on television being advertised for there use, followed by possible adverse reactions – why can’t Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson&Johnson do the same about their vaccines?
  • Richard Jensen
    commented 2021-03-15 08:28:08 -0700
    Couldn’t agree more with jan jan. There is no justification to spend my tax dollars for a social justice feel good. What was done back then was done. Thousands of people have had their properties brought by imminent domain, some of those properties would have been worth a lot 100 years later, but if is what life is. get over it. I can’t be financially responsible for decisions made so many years ago. The money they want to spend on this should be used for schools, roads, etc, something to make us a better community.
  • Jan Jan
    commented 2021-03-14 20:46:46 -0700
    RE: Bruce Park/Beach, Manhattan Beach

    Just let it go! Leave it alone! What is done is done,… I see no injustice, they got paid, “the land stayed empty for decades”, they have a plaque in their honor, there is an empty green space dedicated to them. What more do the greeeeeeedy relatives want? More, more and more. Their lively hoods were not taken from them, they now had cash in hand to make a much wiser investment netting them the opportunity to double, triple, etc., their money. What an opportunity!
    Now here is a good question for you,… Who knows if the Bruces’ were even happy living in MB? Maybe they hated it, maybe they hated each other, maybe they were happy and finally had the cash to divorce each other. We don’t know! Now here is a good question for you,… How much are we going to give to the native American Inians??? We stole all of their land and,… are they claiming equal rights?
    “I think we can and should” NOT “go further”
    Stopstirring the pot,…. it will not help YOU go further.

    Janice, I have worked on your campaigns,… all the way back to when your headquarters was at the now TJ’s on PCH n Crenshaw. On election day, you came in there wearing a beautiful pink suit, said a few hello’s, sat at the end of my table, picked up the phone and started making calls just tlike the rest of your volunteers. That was the morning your mother
    died :(

    That night in San Pedro, you were jubulant on stage with your family. I was totally impressed with your strength and have the utmost respect for you. However, all good things come to an end, can’t believe you want to get invovled with Manhattan Beach business from the 1900’s Please, please,… leave this alone,… no good will come to you from getting involved. (a RB resident since 1985)
  • Richard Jensen
    commented 2020-12-08 20:08:59 -0800
    To Nancy Brands Ward: I’m not sure what planet your living on, but people are wearing masks, they just don’t need to when no one is around, or with a close family member they share a bed, bathroom, dinner table with. Everyone in stores adheres to the store policy, as they should to shop. But we don’t need the virus police all down our neck. The Board of Supervisors needs to understand this.
  • Nancy Brands Ward
    commented 2020-12-07 09:12:36 -0800
    Because people are NOT wearing masks and distancing.
  • Don Herman
    commented 2020-12-07 09:10:40 -0800
    If you are so worried about ICU beds, call Trump and get the Navy Hospital ship deployed to LA Harbor now! Additionally, if lockdowns and mask wearing works, then why are we having a surge of covid after we have been following those rules for nine months?
  • Nancy Brands Ward
    commented 2020-12-07 08:56:17 -0800
    I am all for preventing the spread of this deadly virus. But your order banning people from meeting outdoors is ill conceived and counter productive. The science shows little risk of contracting/spreading the virus outdoors, and people NEED to escape their homes for exercise and sanity.
  • Glenn Fukushima
    commented 2020-11-23 16:10:32 -0800
    Please stand up to “Doctor” Barbara Ferrer on this unjustified order to shut down our restaurants. She claims she is following ‘the science’, but can’t provide any when asked. She also claims she works for you, but I’m guessing she hasn’t made a case to you either. Capriciously killing our economy with no explanation or rationale doesn’t create any trust in our leaders.
  • Christina Willibrand
    commented 2020-10-15 16:32:52 -0700
    I want to know who is in charge of the case files at Los Angeles Superior Court, Family Ciurt? I have 30 documents filed in the digital case file thst DO NOT MATCH THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.including a TRO i filed. There is rven CLETS ORDEE filed and recorded according to the digital version. Thete was never even a hearing. Thete is something wrong at the 4th floor clerks office of LA Superior court. Thete is rither a SECURITY breach where ANYONE can have access to the COURTS DIGITAL FILE. THERE ARE 30 ENTRIES WHICH DONT MATCH THE DOCUMENT. Someone with access to the COURTS COMPUTER DIGITAL
    Case file can essentially ALTER A CASES documents without ever touching them. Anyone in the building, in any office has access and can edit these document entries, changing whay is printed in the Case Summaries abd Register of Actions. I know the judges don’t look at the original anymore. My case was swayed in his favor 30 times. ALL BUT ONE DOCUMENT I FILED WAS RECORDED AS mine. My TRO, completed by me and drnied, filed and recorded as against me AND a CLETS ORDER ENTERED! Theres not any paper work no document, but there it is in the public record. Then there are the 4 BLUE MEMOS ENTERED just at Trial, NEVER before entered or even filed and EACH of THE FOUR DATES the ONLY DATE MISSED, I WAS SERVED 2 weeks after the missed hearing. My character was defamed on purpose. I lost custody to my son, was sanctioned 35k, ordered to pay his legal fees out of my half of the assets . He mever paid ANY SUPPORT FOR A 1.5 YEARS BC I WAS NEVER SERVED FOR THAT MOD HEARING. I ENDED UP ON WELFARE AND HOMELESS. I asked for help and was rejected. I KNOW THIS CLETS AFFECTED MY CASE, IT AFFECTED THE OPINION OF THE COURT, IT COST ME MY SON AND THERE WAS NEVER SUCH AN ORDER FOR ANYONE.I JUST THOUGHT HIS LAWYER WAS FRIENDS W THEM AND WJY I LOST. I DIDNT KNOW THE DIGITAL CASE FILE MADE ME LOOK LIKE I DIDNT SUBMIT ANY DOCUMENTS, MISSED 4 COURT ORDERED MEDIATIONS, HAD A TRO AND CLETS ORDER AGAINST ME, MISSED MODIFICATION OF SUPPORT HEARING (this waa the very first heating in court and judge did not request to see proof of service), his lawyer lied and filed affidavit i eas properly served, still no proof filed abd none filed for any other.
    All this happened when i didnt have a lawyer.
    There has to be someone somewhere who cares that this can happen. There is NOT ANY GUARANTEE THE DOCUMENT YOU FILE WILL ENTERED RIGHT IF DONE FROM PAPEE ORIGINAL. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT ONCE YOU SUBMIT AN E-file that someone else with access, can’t go into the digital file and change a thing or two. It happened with 30 entries, not one not two, not a misspelled name. Even the FEE WAIVER form i completed in my name, filed and still have the original conformed copy, wascRNTERED AS FILED BY SYRVE AND GRANTED TO STEVE? NY NAME IS NOT STEVE. It took me 2 months to convince them this is my Fee Waiver. The word STEVE does NOT appear anywhere on the document. If the clerk is just reading the document, how do they know who Steve is? Why would they TWICE put his name??? Why does this hapoen 14 more times, EXCEPT WITH MY CHANGE OF ADDRESS. EVERY OTHER ONE RECORDED AS HIS.!

    Even if anyone claims these were mistakes, fine then the mistakes should be affecting both sides. The mistakes would also occur whether i had a lawyer or not. If purely random, then there is equal chance for a mistake to be in my favor. But there are not, not one. These 30 entries, not 30 documents, because some entries are for docs which do not exist, the CLETS ORDER, 4 BLUE MEMOS, PROOFS OF SERVICE FOR MISSED MODIFICATION TO ZERO CHILD AND SPOUSAL SUPPORT HEARING. There were never such documents filed, or ordered or occurred. I know any employee has access because when i questioned family mediation, the official record WAS CHANGED, without court order. I hace copies of the CASE SAUMMARIES ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE TIME OF THE FEE WAIVER. I KNEW THEN THERE WAS A PROBLEM. JUST NEVER SUSPECTED IT WOULD BE THIS DEVASTATING.
    If you or anyone who reads this trusts the INTEGRITY of your case files, don’t . This went unnoticed. There are NOT adhering to the protocols established by the court to prevent even a spelling error. There is NOT any regulatory board or office for me to bring my allegations of corruption, or lack of ANY SECURITY OF THE COURTS DIGITAL FILES, or the FAILUREs of the CLERKS OFFICE to maintain the INTEGRITY of my documents and ensure of their proper handling. I am writing to you and alerting the people to not believe the job is done tight. Its obvious any record can be changed, can be added or deleted, before and after a judge rules. The judges dont look at the images or the originals. Only the case summaries or what is said in court. But if you dont know the record isn’t right, then the decision could be the wrong decision as it was for me.
    I ask you Ms Hahn, you are my elected representative, can you help me or at least take interest in this issue. If this is incompetent clerks, then the problem could affect thousands of cases, going back to 2016 or earlier. But i believe its deliberate. You wont find any issues, unless you check the records of any case where Krystyna Calloway, lawyer and other party has no lawyer. ONLY WHEN I HAD NO LAWYER DID THIS HAPPEN. NO PROOFS OF SERVICE FOR ANY HEARING, NO NOTIFICATIONS AS ORDERED BY THE COURT, NONE OF MY DOCUMENTS ENTERED OR RECORDED IN THE DIGITAL FILE EXCEPT ONE FROM MAY 2016 TO ABOUT APRIL 2017. NEVER GIVEN NOTICE.THERE IS MORE. BUT ITS OVERWHELMING THE COINCIDENCE.
    PLEASE INVESTIGATE MY ALLEGATIONS. THE ONE CLERK I TRUSTED “quit” and was gone the next week. The supervisor knows and for 4 months she hadnt had time to check it out. No lawyer wants to even listen to me unless i have #$ 5,000.00? This is beyond a family court issue. Its my rigjts to a fair trial. I just don’t know what to do.
    Thank you
    Anyone is welcome to confirm my findings. Case #BD605541. Family court. But only the computer in the courthouse has the document image file which the documents scanned DO NOT MATCH THE ENTRY OR NO IMAGE, BC THEY don’t EXIST.
  • Tammy Reynolds
    commented 2020-09-09 10:58:52 -0700
    Now thanks to your decision to cancel Halloween. i’ve got an 8 year old who is now upset that you have canceled her birthday which is on 10/31, trick or teating can still be done safely with mask and social distancing, in fact since trick or treating is an outdoor activity it is much safer than making a trip to the store.
  • Juliana Sorelli
    commented 2020-06-18 14:40:38 -0700
    I m contacting you about the demolition of the Rancho Los Amigos Historic District.
    Why is the County investing funding in a massive expansion of operations during this time when other pressing community needs are great and resources are scarce. Where is the accountability? Most buildings that are being destroyed could simply be repurposed, why destroy the history of the county?
    Please ensure that demolition can only proceed once the project is funded and building permits are issued. This is a real shame that so many projects are happening all around while we are in a global health and social crisis.
  • James Krampert
    commented 2020-05-18 14:06:04 -0700
    Ms. Hahn – I am concerned that number of daily Covid-19 cases and deaths continues to increase in LA County in spite of the lockdown policy that has been in place since mid-March. Since early April, the 7 day moving average for daily confirmed cases has increased from over 400 per day to a range of 600 to 800 cases per day. Similarly, the the 7 day moving average for deaths has increased from the low 20’s in mi-April to around 40 per day. It is only reasonable to ask if this policy is working for LA County. If there is data that shows the policy is working, I don’t know what it would be. Meanwhile, it is clear that the lockdown policy is causing significant economic distress and will put significant pressure on local governments to provide services. As a county supervisor, I think you should encourage a review of the lockdown policy and investigate why LA County cases and deaths continue to increase.
  • Laurel Van Fossen
    commented 2020-05-15 01:56:57 -0700
    Please stop the stay-at-home orders, and open up the schools! The lockdown is ineffective, and not worth destroying the state. I went to school before a polio vaccine, survived the Hong Kong flu, and probably this virus in January (I host 2 students from China in my home). Protect the elderly, but please stop ruining everyone else’s lives and livelihoods!
  • Don Herman
    commented 2020-05-03 12:02:37 -0700
    20 Actions for Government to move forward with the pandemic issue:

    1. Cite proven scientific evidence to justify any burdensome policies created in the name of public health against the pandemic. Stop ignoring science, trampling on your constituent’s constitutional rights, and bypassing legislative protocols. It is essential to prove, and the burden is on the government to do so, that the rights violations or restrictions are absolutely necessary. Doing so on fear, theory, or opinion is not enough.

    2. Encourage individuals to social distance:

    a. If sick, stay at home and don’t go to work
    b. If family member sick, stay at home
    c. If child sick, don’t send to school
    d. Frequently wash hands and avoid touching face
    e. If sick, don’t board a plane
    f. Wear face masks in public where danger of infection exists for individual and others. Scientist T Jefferson has proven wearing mask helps prevent the spread.
    g. If you have germs don’t expose yourself to elderly

    3. Bulk up hospitals and supplies and have hospitals have a policy to keep them stocked. Even the Imperial College London model says social distancing is a temporary measure and will not prevent people from eventually contracting the virus. Consequently the hospitals should be ready.

    4. Apply as many resources as possible to find a mitigating treatment. Don’t be political about this, let the science and medical practitioners get these out to the public as soon as they find what will work.

    5. Send kids back to school, open summer camps, let them play sports and be outside as it has been found that kids don’t transmit the virus. Studies in the UK, Netherlands, and Iceland, and specifically the London Royal College of Pediatrics have found that there have been zero cases in the world where children under the age of 10 have transmitted the virus to an adult. Even in contact tracing by WHO. 0.0% cases In the Netherlands has been from source patients under the age of 18.

    6. Encourage people to go outside. Science shows sunlight and exercise are necessary for physical health and wellness. The department of Homeland Security has announced that sunlight, heat, and humidity kills the virus. Studies in Germany, Hong Kong, & Taiwan found that transmission of the virus rarely if ever happens outdoors via casual contact.

    7. Stop fear mongering. Stop saying 2 million people would have died without lockdown because we now know that isn’t true based on what we have learned about the death rate of the virus. Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University ran the fatality numbers and found that most people are not at risk of death from the virus. Death rate is 0.1% to 0.5% not 3.4% as original models expressed. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions are at risk but the vast majority of people do not die of covid19.

    8. Release the algorithms used in the models to forecast deaths and to develop public policy. All models to date have been wrong, yet public policies are implemented based on these models. Since we have seriously impacted so many constituent’s jobs and their businesses, we should be willing to share with them these calculations with our constituents in this self-governing country.

    9. Do not ban elective surgeries. Thanks to this ban more people will die as a result of other health conditions that are not being treated than from covid. This policy is threating to bankrupt hospitals that we so essentially need to be solvent at a time like this.

    10. Let young healthy people build herd immunity. People under 50 are at very low risk of dying should they contract covid19.

    11. Run constant, continuous, and wide spread antibody testing so we have the information we need such as prevalence rate, hospitalization rate, and fatality rates in order to best resource the fight of infection. New York, LA County, Santa Clara County, Diamond Princess cruise, a Kansas County, and dozens more have shown through antibody testing the infection fatality rate is 0.1% to 0.5% when all cases (with asymptomatic) are included.

    12. Track excess deaths. Compare the current number of deaths with the average number of deaths for a time period for an area, state, county, or country.

    13. Do not code probable covid19 deaths without a positive test. This is misleading to the public and it skews the numbers.

    14. Quarantine the sick and their family members.

    15. Lock down nursing homes and/or allow families to remove their residents. 50% of covid19 fatalities in Delaware, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Colorado were in nursing homes. Minnesota had 73%. Prevent nursing homes from receiving patients that are covid19 positive.

    16. Keep at risk populations at home, if they want to stay home so they aren’t exposed.

    17. Stop with the corona virus bailouts and any pork included. Unemployment benefits cannot be >100% of regular pay as there is not incentive to return to work.

    18. Stop depending on China for manufacturing of essential items and medical supplies. China threatened to cut off medical supplies.

    19. Lift the lockdowns. Stop government mandated extreme social distancing because it is deadly to our economy and leads to death from suicide, medical issues, and child abuse. Germany and Switzerland studies showed that individual social distancing flattened their curve and lockdowns did marginally nothing. Stanford’s Dr. Rogers ran data to find US States lockdown has no impact on deaths. There is no proof that short term lockdowns work to stop the virus.

    20. If new data is discovered with contradicts current policies, change the policies. It’s ok to be wrong, just don’t prolong. Don’t be afraid to change or let political hubris prevent changing. New learnings have not been appropriately reacted to with regards to policies.
  • Tom Brozenec
    commented 2020-04-12 09:09:46 -0700
    Dear Supervisor Hahn,
    I am writing to strongly protest the actions of LA County in extending the county’s ‘stay home’ order until May 15 (and potentially beyond). According to an article published in the Daily News on April 10 (written by Ryan Clark), the order was extended until May 15 based on statistical models developed by a team of modeling experts led by Dr Roger J. Lewis at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance. The same article indicated that there were no assurances from any officials (per a quote in the article from Dr. Barbara Ferrer) that the order would be lifted even on May 15. In other worse, this order seems to be indefinite!
    You are apparently basing your decisions on statistical models. And yet these models have not, at least to my knowledge, been made public. Moreover, the models certainly have not been validated; there are no validated models of coronavirus infection because it is a novel virus. This is self-evident. Furthermore, we the public only see the bottom-line numbers coming out of these models. The Daily News article reports that these models indicate three different possibilities:
    1. Social distancing maintained at current levels – 29.8% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1,
    2. More physical distancing measures put in place (these measures were not detailed in the article, but this is troubling to me…. what additional liberties do you plan to curtail by fiat?) – 5.5% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1,
    3. Measures reduced now – 95.6% of LA County infected with COVID-19 by August 1.
    It would hard for me to over-state how absolutely absurd these numbers appear to be; firstly, because they are provided with too many significant figures (29.8% as opposed to 30%… really? You expect us all to believe you know these numbers with that much precision?). Secondly, all statistical models provide not only a nominal value, but also a confidence interval associated with that nominal value. How wide are the confidence intervals in the model? I regularly look at the University of Washington model results at the IMHE website that have become so well-known in recent weeks and I see that those models have very large confidence intervals. Given the fact that COVID-19 is a “novel” (i.e. new) virus, I would expect that Dr. Lewis’ confidence intervals are similarly wide. Why is that level of uncertainty not as well publicized as the nominal values? Or, as I suspect, is it not true that the 95.6% number cited is a worst-case number at the farthest extreme of the confidence interval? If that is the case (as I suspect it almost certainly must be), then your office and Dr. Ferrer and Christina Ghaly are all engaged in fear mongering of the worst kind. This is shameful and it must stop.
    You and your fellow supervisors of LA County have, with this order, effectively curtailed many of our civil liberties which we as Americans (at least historically) have held dear. I cannot take a walk on the beach. I cannot jog along the beach. I cannot surf. I cannot walk into a Chipotle or a grocery store without a face mask. I cannot attend Easter church services… for the first time in my life! All of these actions are outrageous and amount to a declaration of martial law (full martial law, I suppose, will accompany the “more physical distancing measures” now being apparently considered). Yet, where is the dire threat that would justify such extreme actions? Where? Show me actual data; not models… I want data! How many deaths (either “due to” or “with” COVID-19) have actually occurred? The IMHE model projects 1,616 total deaths throughout the entire state by August 4. To date, the entire state has recorded 666 deaths (either “due to” or “with” COVID-19). Per the Daily News article, there have been 425 deaths (“due to” or “with” COVID-19) to date in LA County… in a county with a population of 10 million souls.
    You have disrupted the lives of 10 million people and destroyed livelihoods and businesses, all due to the deaths of 425 individuals (0.00425% of the population) and some kind of model-induced fear about what might happen in the future? This is madness and public policy making at its worst. Just to provide some appropriate context: How many people in LA County have died in traffic accidents this year? How many from cancer? How many from heart disease? How many from suicide? How many from all causes? How much of an increase over a normal year do the 425 COVID-19 deaths represent? I suspect there’s been no overall increase at all!
    Given the extreme decisions that you are making using models as a basis, I believe it only fair that you instruct Dr. Lewis to make public all the inner details and assumptions of his model so that it can be reviewed by experts and lay persons alike. It is not fair that one model that has not been reviewed nor made public should be used to make such consequential decisions. You hope to save lives by your actions; yet, the actions you’ve taken have already had extremely deleterious consequences for millions of people. How many people have lost businesses which took years to build? How many people have lost jobs? How many people are now depressed and anxious? How many (sadly) will commit suicide or turn to drugs with devastating consequences? And perhaps most serious of all: How damaging to our traditions and customs of freedom and liberty to find that large portions of our population would willingly (like docile sheep) submit to arbitrary suspensions of their freedoms for what amounts to indefinite periods of time?
    I implore you… I beg of you, to reconsider this course of madness. We are not in the midst of the black death of the 14th century. Our health care system is the most amazing ever devised by mankind supported by incredible technological capability. Why would we lose our nerve and confidence now? Martial law and lock downs are not the answer in a nation that was founded on liberty and freedom. Our society needs to function again. Only quarantines of the weak and vulnerable need take place; and these can be voluntary and recommended, not forced. Coercion is NOT the American way. Like it or not, this population will need to eventually obtain herd immunity against COVID-19. There is no other way. You simply cannot shut down society for 18 months until a vaccine is in place. No sane individual thinks that can happen. If you tried, the results would be much worse than even that ridiculous worst-case 95.6% number predicted by Dr. Lewis’ model.
    Wisdom should take precedence over expertise at this time. Wisdom would demand that we balance our legitimate concern with the spread of COVID-19 with other concerns which are equally important: mental health, economic health, civic health, and religious health. So far, in this situation, all our public officials from President Trump all the way down to the LA County Board of Supervisors have failed us, the public, by their lack of wisdom and perspective and by too heavy a reliance on unproven models and by succumbing to fear and panic. Our public health experts (Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Dr. Lewis, et al) have also failed us…. By an exclusively monomaniacal focus on a single virus as opposed to holistic views of health. Also, we the public have failed ourselves… we’ve failed by giving into fear; we’ve failed by accepting government edicts from above without question, like docile sheep. This must all end and it must end quickly. I urge you and your fellow supervisors to reconsider your current course of action and reverse course.
    Tom Brozenec, Ph.D.
    El Segundo, CA
    (310) 503-7952 (mobile)
  • Patrick Meehan
    commented 2020-03-30 14:48:49 -0700
    Patrick Meehan, M.D.
    13 Tiburon Court
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    Dear Dr. Ferrer and Supervisor Hahn:

    I am a local physician with a long history of having worked in public health, including as health officer for both New Hampshire and Georgia and as director of emergency preparedness at CDC after 9/11 and during the anthrax era. I would suggest that the decision by LA County to close beaches, bike paths, etc. makes no sense from a public health perspective. I am not aware of evidence to suggest that passing by someone on a path poses any risk of coronavirus. By closing trails, bikers are forced onto the street and run the risk of injury having to mingle with cars. Many people use trails like the Strand for transportation. My own step daughter was visiting from Santa Monica (I am in Manhattan Beach) the afternoon this decision was made, forcing her to go home on busy streets, mingling with vehicles. By limiting venues, people are forced to congregate in less available spaces (which I have already witnessed in our neighborhood). Or they just cannot exercise which, from a public health perspective is important and may help maintain proper health and fitness so that if they are infected perhaps they will run less risk of severe complications. There have not been crowds at our beaches and there is plenty of room on our beaches for adequate social distancing. Seeing lifeguards ordering surfers out of the ocean yesterday baffled me since there is no conceivable way that that activity poses a risk of contracting coronavirus.

    I strongly urge the County of Los Angeles to reverse the decision to close all beaches, bike and walking paths. I am happy to discuss if you wish.


    Patrick Meehan, M.D.

    Cc: Mayor Garcetti
    LAC Board of Supervisors
  • Fitzwilliam Anderson
    published this page 2019-10-09 16:56:15 -0700