Hacienda Heights’ 7th Avenue Is Getting an Upgrade

Hacienda Heights’ 7th Avenue Is Getting an Upgrade

Los Angeles, CA — The LA County Board of Supervisors has approved a motion by Supervisor Janice Hahn to beautify a section of 7th Avenue between Gale Avenue and Palm Avenue in Hacienda Heights.

Improvements and additions will include a new street median with landscaping and native plants, more native trees and plants along the parkway to maximize water conservation, installation of a metal trellis with vines along the back of sidewalks, more street lights, landscaping of the existing street median, and widening the sidewalk along the east side of 7th Avenue near Palm. Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2021.

"7th Avenue is getting an upgrade,” said Supervisor Hahn. “Hacienda Heights residents can look forward to this stretch of this major thoroughfare being more beautiful, more walkable, and more environmentally friendly.”

“The Hacienda Heights Improvement Association continuously seeks way to improve the quality of life for all Hacienda Heights residents,” said Scott Martin, President of the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association. “We appreciate that Janice Hahn has those same goals in mind and find ways to fund improvements such as the beautification project on 7th Ave. between Gale Ave. to Palm Avenue. Thank you, Janice, for your continued focus and actions to beautify and improve on our streets and neighborhoods. “

The estimated cost of the Project is $999,000. To fund it, Hahn's motion transfers to the LA County Department of Public Works $399,000 in excess funds from a previous 4th District project along Carmenita Road in West Whittier-Los Nietos, as well as an additional $600,000 in excess funds left over from various 4th District Capital Improvement Projects.

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  • Mike Hacienda
    commented 2021-11-03 07:48:44 -0700
    Lies, project isn’t starting this fall or this year anyway.. unfortunate since Janice Hahn had the awful idea in targeting our neighborhood with her Homekey. And although this upgrade is needed and appreciated it is way too underfunded. The wooden lighting is staying, it’s hardly any substantial area. This should have extended all of Seventh Ave with a complete makeover. Decorative lighting, crosswalks.., incomplete project. Hardly anything. oh and btw Janice Hahn close down Homekey and pick up the litter and dumping. We need a regular schedule.
  • Paul De Leon
    commented 2020-10-03 11:41:47 -0700
    this is a project to truly welcome to improve the area. Unfortunately, the decision to change the “temporary” Motel 6 (located in this very same stretch of this improvement) to "Permanent " will not have the “improvement” impact needed for this street. This area has extremely busy traffic with children being transported to the 3 + schools in this area and handling the large trucks getting on/off the freeway. Especially trucks used in conjunction with the recycled battery plant just south of this improvement project that continues to violate the air we breathe.
    A plan to close the battery plant and disregard the Motel 6 from being a “Permanent” homeless shelter and changing the landscape would result in a better improvement recognized by all homeowners in Hacienda Heights.
  • Jimmy Aragon
    commented 2020-09-03 17:52:38 -0700
    This project will be a great addition to Hacienda Heights , very beautiful site.