Supervisor Janice Hahn Meets with Pentagon Officials to Voice Importance of LA Air Force Base

Washington, DC- Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn went to the Pentagon to meet with Deputy Director Steve Arenson to discuss the Los Angeles Air Force Base and the importance of keeping it operating.

With the recent introduction of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) legislation in Congress, some have expressed concern that the LA Air Force Base in El Segundo may face closure. On Tuesday afternoon, Supervisor Hahn met with military officials to drive home the importance of the LA Air Force Base to the Southern California economy and the local aerospace industry.

“The LA Air Force Base is unlike any other,” said Supervisor Hahn. “It is not only an anchor for thousands of jobs in the Southern California aerospace industry– it is the brain trust behind our country’s national security system.   If the Air Force is looking to close bases, the LA Air Force Base in El Segundo should be preserved.”

Deputy Director of Policy and Programs for the US Air Force Steve Arenson told the Supervisor he appreciated hearing from her. While there are no current plans to close specific bases, Supervisor Hahn and her office will be following this issue closely as BRAC moves through Congress.