Supervisor Hahn Releases Results of Community Survey on Future of San Pedro Courthouse Site

San Pedro, CA-Today, Supervisor Janice Hahn released results of a survey on the future of the old San Pedro Courthouse site. Community members who participated supported mixed-use development (residential and commercial) and ranked entertainment, commercial, and cultural uses as top choices.

The survey, distributed by the County Department of Public Works, was available online and at two public meetings.  Out of 677 respondents, 64% supported mixed-use. 70% ranked cultural space, commercial space, or entertainment space, as the aspect most important to them in this project. 46 % percent preferred the new building to be mid-rise (3-7 stories) while 40% preferred low rise, and 13% preferred high rise.

The department of Public Works has also released a “word cloud” presenting the most commonly mentioned ideas. LACMA, restaurant, community center, parking, movie theater, and mixed-use were mentioned most frequently.

Supervisor Hahn will be presenting these results to Holland Partner Group, the developer which will enter a six month exclusive negotiating agreement with the County of Los Angeles to redevelop this property.

“I want to thank everyone for weighing in on the future of the San Pedro Courthouse site,” said Supervisor Hahn. “Residents made themselves clear. They want a mixed-use development that will allow more people to live in downtown while also adding something for residents across San Pedro to enjoy. I am eager to get to work with the developer making this vision a reality.”

See below for a visual representation of these results.  See below for complete breakdown of data.