Supervisor Hahn Offers Support to Historic Downey Cemetery After Headstones Toppled

Downey, CA— After headstones in the Downey Cemetery were toppled by vandals for the second time in less than four months, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn proposed using County resources to help install new security measures to protect the cemetery.

The Downey Cemetery currently is protected only by a three foot perimeter wall and no gate. It is also poorly lit, which allowed vandals to knock over headstones without being seen.

In order to help prevent future vandalism, Supervisor Hahn has proposed stepping in with county funding to help pay for the installation of a gate or fencing as well as lighting within the cemetery.

“The repeated toppling of these headstones not only cost the City of Downey thousands of taxpayer dollars to pay for repairs, it was disrespectful to the memories of the people buried in this historic cemetery,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “I know that this cemetery operates under a small budget so I want to see what I can offer from the County to help.”

The Supervisor’s office are in talks with the Cemetery Board members and City of Downey officials to work out details about what type of upgrades are necessary, their cost, and how they might be paid for.