Board of Supervisors Approves Fine Free Student Library Card

Los Angeles, CA—Today, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal authored by Supervisor Janice Hahn and coauthored by Supervisor Hilda Solis to introduce a fine-free student library card for youth 17 and under at LA County Libraries.

“LA County Libraries are incredible resources for students—giving them access not only to books, but to computers, printers, and after-school homework help,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn. “By getting rid of late fees and penalties, our student library cards are finally a risk-free way for young people to access the tools they need to boost their education.”

With the fine-free student library card, card holders will be able to check out three printed items at a time for as long as they would like with no fees or fines. The card also allows them to access library computers with parental consent, and free and discounted tickets for museums across LA County.

“Our LA County Libraries support the important work of our schools and provide free access to books, materials, online tools, homework help, and even language classes,” said Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “It is important that every student in the County, regardless of economic status, be able to tap into these services. I will continue to work to make sure our Libraries are safe and accessible spaces for all County residents. As the former Secretary of Labor under President Obama, it is especially meaningful to take this step in meeting his challenge.”

“This is an incredible opportunity to re-engage youth in library services, assist with homework, literacy and general discovery,” said County Library Director, Skye Patrick.“We are absolutely thrilled by the idea of offering students a fine-free card and reinforcing the County Library as the center of learning.”

Learn more about programs for students at LA County Libraries: http://www.colapublib.org/students/